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Delicious Smoked Meats Can Be Shipped!

Smoked Pork Chops – $7.95/lbRibs:
Smoked Full Ribs – $5.95/lb
Smoked St. Louis Ribs – $7.95/lb
Smoked Baby Back Ribs – $9.95/lb

Venison Summer Sausage:
Jalapeño & Cheese – $8.00/lb
Plain – $7.50/lb
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Glenn at Northern Meats in Marquette/Harvey Michigan

Contact Glenn! 906-249-1222

Beef Summer Sausage:
Regular or Garlic – $6.50/lb

Dearborn Sausage Co:
Smoked Kolbasz – $4.95/lb
Smoked Ham Shanks – $2.95/lb

Smoked Whitefish – $7.95/lb
Smoked Salmon – $8.95/lb

Smoked Turkey Breast – $10.95/lb

Homemade Smoked Sausages:
Smoked Polish Sausage – $4.95/lb
Smoked Andouille – $4.95/lb
Beef Pepperoni – $6.95

Homemade Jerky – Thick/Juicy:
Beef, Pork or Turkey: $5.00 – 1/4 lb Bag – $18/lb
Thin/Dryed – $10.00 – 1/2lb

Smoked Chicken Whole or 1/2 – $5.95/lb

Snack Sticks:
Venison – Mild/Hot – $7.00 pkg
All Beef – Mild/Hot – $8.00 pkg

Glenn with Sausage at Northern Meats