Hamette – Pork Shoulder Above the Rest!!!

Published by Rilee Waller on November 7th, 2012

Smokehouse Glenn hammed it up today in the studio with Major Discount by bringing in two pork products for sampling. First was his long time famous Dearborn Spiral Sliced Ham which is always a holiday favorite here in Michigan. Going back to our previous Episode 7, you can find out all the delicious details about Dearborn Hams; things that I didn’t know but definitely distinguish the great taste of this ham above other brands of hams.

Long Time Favorite of Smokehouse Glenn's



Something different that Glenn has recently been working on is his second item for today the Hamette!!! A nugget of pork goodness – this smaller sized cut is from the shoulder section; both cured and smoked in the test kitchen by Smokehouse Glenn. The particular sized cut  is perfect for a single two-person meal or can be sliced in house and used on sandwiches or smaller sized recipes requiring a weight specific portion.


New Item from Northern Meats & Smokehouse GlennSmokehouse Glenn & Northern Meats Country Village










Sticking to the subject of Ham and pork, Smokehouse Glenn also shared how he was experimenting with his own marinade for pulled pork which he is developing for another item for sale at Northern Meats.Delicious lean ham goodness from Northern Meats`

Stop in at “meet” Smokehouse Glenn the next time you drive through Ishpeming; Northern Meats is located in the Country Plaza off Highway 41. You never know what he might be trying out that day and he’s always generous to offer samples of what is being generated out of his test kitchen that day!! You won’t be disappointed!!!

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