Chairman’s Reserve Pork Chops

Published by Rilee Waller on January 30th, 2013

Smokehouse Glenn’s featured item from Northern Meats this morning was pork chops from Chairman’s Reserve. You should be familiar with the name Chairman’s Reserve by now from all the quality beef products Glenn has featured from past entries. Today I had the chance to taste pork loins from Chairman’s Reserve.

Smokehouse Glenn Northern Meats Country Village

Glenn being know as the “custom cut butcher”, he only sells quality products to his customers and Glenn has learned from his 30 + years in the meat business that Chairman’s Reserve is a quality product. Buying bone-in pork loins from Chairman, Glenn has the option to sell quality pork chops with the bone or he will remove the bone on request for his customers.


These chops are lean and firm; the muscle texture is solid quality. Some whole cuts of pork can have a certain percentage of solution added to the meat; which may be noted on the packaging but this is never the case when purchasing Chairman’s Reserve. Add to these chops Sweet & Sassy or Wild Game seasoning from Spicy Jo’s and you have a great tasting meal baked, grilled or pan fried.

SMokehouse Glenn's quality meats


Saturday, January 26th, Glenn held a “Sampler Saturday” at Northern Meats that allowed customers to come in and taste a variety of products available in his store. The day was a success with customers walking in and sampling then buying products from Northern Meats. Some Saturday in February, Glenn will hold another “Sampler Saturday”; this time, the theme will be “Bacon, Bacon,Bacon” with everything bacon including Spicy Jo’s bacon flavorings!Northern Meats tasty goodiesNorthern Meats





CustomersBetter Spicy Jo samples








Pork Chops     

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