Pepperoni Snack Sticks – Homemade

Published by Rilee Waller on February 6th, 2013

Smokehouse Glenn is the most meat making-est butcher I have ever met. Glenn has brought in his own pepperoni that he makes in his store, Northern Meats but today he shrunk things down a bit. Always thinking of how to incorporate his delicious meat products into convenient, take-along goodies, Glenn has converted another one of his products.

Smokehouse Glenn Country VillageNorhtern Meats

Pepperoni Snack Sticks are another pocket-sized carry along product originating from Glenn’s “test kitchen.” Customers will not find pepperoni available in this sized stick but leave it to Smokehouse Glenn to process this delicious meat stick that is better tasting and without any extra, processing preservatives that you will find in over-the counter convenience stores. If I was going to make mini pizzas, these sticks sliced up would be just the right size. Moist, flavorful and convenient for snacking, you need to visit Northern Meats and ask Glenn for several packages of Pepperoni sticks because once you start eating these it will be difficult to close the package before they are all gone!


Everyday, Smokehouse Glenn is working closely with his business neighbor, Spicy Jo, to compliment each others business ventures. Customers walk into Northern Meats and make beef, pork, chicken or fish purchases, then they will have seasoning questions on how to best season their purchases. Glenn will direct them to Spicy Jo, who’s own adjacent store has a multitude of spices, marinades, flavored olive oils for everything you might think of preparing for any meal.


Northern Meats will be hosting their second, “Sampler Saturday” during the month of February. Their sample theme will be “Bacon, Bacon, Bacon.”

Episode 54 - Pepperoni Sticks     

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