Smoked Turkey Tenders

Published by Rilee Waller on February 20th, 2013

I have tasted over 50 different items from Northern Meats over the last year, many items came from Smokehouse Glenn’s smoker itself but never have a tasted such a great tasting items like Glenn’s smoked turkey tenders.

Northern Meats

Glenn was working more magic in his smoker this week with plain turkey breasts. Whoa, wait a minute..turkey breasts are white after they are cooked. Look at Glenn’s smoked turkey tenders – they’re pink! That’s because Glenn cured these quality turkey breasts then placed them in his smoker.Northern Meats Smokehouse Glenn


The final product is tender turkey meat that almost tastes like – HAM! This is truly a great tasting flavor transformation that Glenn has perfected; stop it and ask Smokehouse Glenn about these delicious Smoked Turkey Tenders!


Stop in an visit Smokehouse Glenn this Saturday for Sample Saturday – his featured item is Bacon, Bacon, Bacon! A wide variety of bacon available for tasting and purchasing. Spicy Jo’s will has a variety of bacon flavor and possibly some chocolate-dipped bacon!!!!


Sample Saturday is this Saturday, February 23rd from 10-6 pm at Northern Meats 1040 Country Lane in the Country Village, Ishpeming.


Turkey Tenders     

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