Old Style Wieners!!!

Published by Rilee Waller on February 27th, 2013

Dearborn Sausage is quickly developing a name for themselves, thanks to Smokehouse Glenn creating a link from downstate to the U.P. Today’s featured product is Old Style Wieners.


Old Style Taste!

Old Style Wieners

Wieners or hot dogs, whichever name you call them, Dearborn retains the original concept of creating a hot dog by following some simple, old style methods of dog making. These wieners are produced with a course grind to their meat recipe, adding a traditional smoke flavor, using a natural casing that give you that snappy texture when you bite into them. Glenn had a hand in developing this product which has held up well in sales throughout the years. Reflecting on several occasions when I went to major league ball games, I always liked the hot dogs sold at the ball field. I am willing to bet to was due to the smoke flavoring that set these apart from commercial grade dogs in the grocery store.Dearborn's Old Style Flavor!


Grilled with spicy brown mustard and sauerkraut on a fresh, home-made bun is a great combination for any sporting event.


Sample Saturday on Feb. 23rd was successful. There was plenty of bacon sold at Northern Meats. Spicy Jo sold creamy potato soup with bacon, which was a hit with customers also. Spicy Jo is now carrying bulk spice blends that she is selling, also fresh ground coffee and Keewanaw Bay jam.

I like Dearborn's old style flavor

Stop out this week and see Smokehouse Glenn at Northern Meats in the Country Village, Ishpeming – a friendly atmosphere of the old style custom-cut butcher shop!





Old Style Wieners     

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