A New Meatloaf With A Hidden Surprise!

Published by Rilee Waller on April 10th, 2013

 Smokehouse Glenn has shared meatloaf with us before but today’s version is unique. This version of meatloaf has cheese inside but it’s constructed differently.

Smokehouse Glenn's Hidden Ingredient Surprise

Smokehouse Glenn’s Hidden Ingredient Surprise


Always using the finest quality meat, Glenn starts out with 100% lean ground beef, bread crumbs for binding the mixture together and his selection of seasoning for the meat. I asked about adding an egg, which I like to do; Glenn will add an egg at home but not for this application. Whenever I would “hide” extra additives in my meatloaf, I would place a portion of meat mixture in the bottom of the pan, then the extra something (cheese, hard boiled egg, BBQ sauce) then fill the pan with more meat. Glenn actually flattened out his ground beef mix like cake for a jelly roll, then topped it with grated pepper jack & cheddar cheeses.Hidden goodness of melted cheese!


What I noticed right away with my first bite was the firm texture of the meat itself which I found quite enjoyable. The spicing was delicious and of course, everything tastes better with cheese!


Great job, Glenn. Stop in and see the many beef, pork and chicken varieties Northern Meats has to offer. Quality is first consideration with Smokehouse Glenn at Northern Meats!

Smokehouse Glenn with great tasting 100% beef meatloaf and cheese

Northern Meats Meatloaf w Cheese     



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