Lamb Fest With Chops & Ribs!

Published by Rilee Waller on April 17th, 2013

 Leg of lamb has always been the family meat of choice during Easter time at our home and I really love it!


Glenn recently received a shipment of lamb rack of ribs in so he decided to cut up some chops out of them and also some loin chops. Northern Meats also carries boneless leg of lamb, lamb shanks and lamb stew meat. Glenn is always helpful to provide cooking tips for all your lamb purchases and his neighbor, Spicy Jo, has all the necessary seasonings for creating the finest tasting lamb meals.

Smokehouse Glenn Country Village

Rib chops cut right off a top quality rack!


Mmm, do these look really good!

Mmm, do these look really good!


Traditionally, lamb is a holiday celebration meat for either Christmas of Easter but just look at those lamb chops! They are slightly smaller than pork chops but the flavor of properly seasoned and cooked lamb! Mmmm, I want to get those and cook ’em up right now!!!


Norhtern Meats, Smokehouse Glenn, lamb chops

Makes your mouth water!


Stop on in to Northern Meats in the Country Village in Ishpeming and ask Smokehouse Glenn about this top quality lamb that you see hear or ask about any other meat product you might have in mind…like this rack of lamb!!!


Season this and drop it on the grill or in the oven!

Season this and drop it on the grill or in the oven!


Northern Meats’ next Sample Saturday will be April 27th featuring a close look and taste of Glenn’s available brats flavors. If the weather is warm enough, he will probably be grilling out in the parking lot! Mark it on your calendar and stop by to Smokehouse Glenn’s Sample Saturday!


Lamb chops and ribs      


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