The Brat List Keeps On Growing!

Published by Rilee Waller on May 8th, 2013


Northern Meats’ last Sample Saturday had Smokehouse Glenn polling his customers for new brat recipe suggestions. After reviewing many good ideas, this brat was the one that gained Glenn’s attention – so, here we have the winning suggestion – Chicken Bacon Ranch Brats for the sampling today.


Smokehouse Glenn's new brats flavor!

Smokehouse Glenn’s new brats flavor!


This tasty recipe consists of 100% lean chicken meat, minced bits of Northern Meats own bacon, ranch seasoning plus Glenn’s own mixture of spices that he uses for all his brat recipes. Oh, man – are these brats delicious! Moist as always with all of Glenn’s brats with tender chicken. I couldn’t specifically distinguish the ranch seasoning however this recipe is great tasting!

Sample Saturday's latest brat recipe!

Sample Saturday’s latest brat recipe!


This newest flavor joins Glenn’s other customer favorites – Mushroom & Swiss, Mac & Cheese and his Tailgate brats. Smokehouse Glenn has received so many requests for various brat recipes that he may have to TEMPORARILY retire several because his brat list is getting lengthy.



Another new recipe to emerge from the Northern Meats test kitchen – Sun dried Tomato & Basil Marinaded Chicken breasts. Mmmm Good! Smokehouse Glenn is always at work bringing you quality beef, pork and chicken meal entrees for your eating enjoyment.


Nothing beats Glenn's tasty brats from the grill!

Nothing beats Glenn’s tasty brats from the grill!


Stop in and browse the selection of tasty meat; items available at Northern Meats and remember – if you don’t see something you had in mind, ASK Glenn! Chances are he has what you want in the store!

Chicken Bacon Ranch Brats




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