Brat in Any Other Form are Still Brats…and Great Tasting!

Published by Rilee Waller on June 5th, 2013

 Smokehouse Glenn came to the office today with his new Sample Saturday item that he offered several weekends ago – Brat Patties! Obviously, this is Glenn’s brat pork meat mixture that is seasoned except they are not placed into casings but made into 1/3 lb. Patties. Offering samples of both his regular brat mixture, I also sampled his jalapeno & cheddar patties. This flavor was my favorite simply because of the added items to these brats – jalapeno peppers and pepper jack cheese!!! Yo u can count on Glenn for his items to always be flavorful and a numerous variety of item seasonings.

jalepeno & cheddar brat patties

Smokehouse Glenn’s jalapeno & cheddar brat patties


Northern Meats regular brat patties

Smokehouse Glenn’s regular brat patties


When it comes to seasoning new test kitchen items, Glenn can always on his flavor neighbor, Spicy Jo for where to start in seasoning and what direction to go when thinking of flavor “tweeking”on any item ideas.



Glenn has another test kitchen item in the works that will be appearing in his showcase soon – steak burger patties! Choice ground all-beef seasoned with steak seasoning to make it a great BBQ grill item! The new Mesquite flavored chicken breasts have been seasoned and are ready at Northern Meats right now. Stop in and see Glenn for this fabulous tasting, plump chicken breast!

Bratwurst Patties 6-5-2013     

Northern Meats Jalapeno & cheddar brat patties cut Smokehouse Glenn

Jalapeno & cheddar brat patties


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