Any Chicken Lover Will Eat Up This New Marinade Flavor!

Published by Rilee Waller on June 12th, 2013

 Let me make one thing perfectly clear – I LOVE CHICKEN!!! Baked, BBQ, Fried, Broasted – Chicken -on-a -Stick, Croatian, Sesame Chicken, General’s Chicken…you get the picture! Smokehouse Glenn brought in a new “test kitchen item” today that I’ve never tasted before!

Northern Meats, Smokehouse Glenn

mesquite marinade bone in

Mesquite Marinaded Amish bone in chicken is here for the tasting! Glenn got this chicken from Amish farms that don’t use any hormone enhancement and these chicken pieces are good sized portions. Add them to Glenn’s new Mesquite marinade for flavoring and you are ready for some delicious grilling eats.

Northern Meats, Smokehouse Glenn

grilled mesquite chicken breasts

Northern Meats, Smokehouse Glenn,

Amish grilled mesquite chicken bone in


I have tasted Mesquite flavored BBQ sauce but I’ve never tasted anything marinaded in the correctly balanced flavor of mesquite. Glenn vacuum seals all portions in his marinade so the flavor is working until the chicken hits the grill!!! The flavor of this marinade is out-of-this-world! This chicken is incredible – extremely tender, juicy and, did I say, delicious! I am going to get some of this for Father’s Day grillin’ this weekend!



Glenn has done it again with another outstanding product item of quality and taste worth every bite! Stop in and see how Northern Meats can improve the taste of your meal!


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