Keep Cool In the Heat With Home-Made Cold Cuts

Published by Rilee Waller on July 17th, 2013


Smokehouse Glenn is usually very accommodating with his willingness to break out the BBQ grill and cook something tasty before 9 am on Wednesdays. However, this morning, our custom cut butcher wasn’t swearing over a hot grill with the morning temperature reaching 80 degrees.

Three Tasty Cold Cut Samples

Three Tasty Cold Cut Samples



So, Glenn kept cool while still bringing in delicious snack samples from three different meat treats that are simply outstanding. He brought in his regular home-made summer sausage; pepper jack and jalapeno sausage and the cheesy snack sticks.



As you can see not only by the pictures but by the product names, Smokehouse Glenn like to provide a variety of home-made meat products that will satisfy any and all taste bud desires. From plain to tangy and even hotter, Northern Meats generate a variety of beef and pork sausage recipes that are satisfying!



From pork to beef to chicken – Northern Meats provide only quality, premium grade meat that is guaranteed to satisfy their customers’ appetites.


Visit Northern Meats in the Country Village of Ishpeming, Michigan and see the diverse choice of quality meats offered by the area’s “custom cut butcher”, Smokehouse Glenn!

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