In-House Deli Meats Have A Bold Taste

Published by Rilee Waller on September 7th, 2011

Marquette09/07/2011 Smokehouse Glenn presented several in-house deli meat creations for tasting today. Glenn brought with him today three deli meats of his own creation from Northern Meats that were out of this world.  Smoked Turkey, Roast Beef and Beef Pastrami…Mmmmm! As soon as my eyes say the pastrami, I was hooked for landing a sample.

Northern Meats Shopping Show

Deli Pastrami

Glenn explained that his beef pastrami was made out of beef round cuts instead of a brisket cut, which can will be used by other butchers but there is a draw back from this choice.  Briskets are more fatty and are cut from two different muscle groups. When you cut brisket, there is the tendency to cut one portion with the grain and the other against the grain, which results in tearing the beef when slicing against the grain.

When you see these slices, there are thin grains of marbling fat with the beef. Combined with the cured flavoring and the outside surface rub that enhances the beef’s flavoring, this pastrami is first rate. I would match this up with my home-made deli rye bread, Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard, Baby Swiss Cheese making for an exquisite sandwich.

Another of my favorite uses for these delicious deli-cacy would be rolling any of these sliced meats around a sliced portion of cream cheese and a green onion. When these “meat roll-ups” are at a party, I usually forget about everything else and concentrate on these tasty finger food morsels. I can see it now, one for you, one TRAY for me!!!!

Well done, Glenn; this pastrami has a great spice combination of coriander and “other spices”!! We don’t divulge Smokehouse trade here but that not as important as you stopping in to Northern Meats and trying these meats for yourself – SOON!!!

Episode 4 - Smoked Lunch Meats Audio - Episode 4 - Smoked Lunch Meats Audio     

Northern Meats Shopping Show

Deli Smoked Turkey

Northern Meats Shopping Show

Deli Roast Beef

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