Meatloaf Makes An Improved Transition At Northern Meats

Published by Rilee Waller on October 5th, 2011

Marquette09/07/2011  – MEATLOAF! No, this article has nothing to do with the male singer who made his Pop Chart fame with the song, Paradise By The Dashboard Lights. This main meat entree is known by us all which can bring back memories of delight from our Mom’s kitchen or dreaded thoughts of, “let find something else to eat.”  I am talking about that dinner item that can make or break an anticipated meal that you’ve anticipated  since breakfast when your wife saw you off to work with the words, “Honey, I’m making something special for dinner tonight.”

Many a college dinner was skipped on Thursday nights when meatloaf was noted on the menu. Sometimes, you may have found a decent form of “mystery meat” that was palatable only  by way of an excess amount of ketchup. Glenn has conquered the dreaded slab of  ground beef with his own devised version of this culinary quagmire.

Chairman's Reserve Choice Chuck

Glenn's Exceptional Meatloaf

Immediately, when viewing his uncooked protein mass in its ready to cook aluminum pan, the leanness to his meatloaf blend was the best that I had ever seen. Glenn states, ” I’m using Chairman’ Reserve ground to 85 to 90% beef, using chuck and round cuts.” If you remember the appearance of Glenn’s Ribeye steaks from Chairman’s, the beef is choice looking in it’s red muscle mass appearance, so the foundation of this meal entree is first rate. As a result if this selection, you will find that your finished product will not be resting in a pool of grease, that you have undoubted experienced in the past.

Next comes the essential added ingredients that serve for seasoning and enhanced texture. Again, Glenn’s 30 plus association with Dearborn Meats upgrades his product. Together, they generated an “in-house secret” seasoning blend of spices  with just the right quantity of bread crumbs to deliver wonderful, yet mild flavor and texture that is different  from when most of us are use to experiencing.

Meatloaf Like No Other

Smokehouse Glenn's Meatloaf

Another change from the usual experience we have faced with meatloaf is the condition of the final product. All seems fine in appearance until the knife begins to do its slicing task, only to find that the loaf falls apart in varied sized meat crumbles and and mini-boulders; the meat just doesn’t seem to retain its sliced form. Not so with Glenn’s loaf. The leanness of the meat along with the bread crumbs result in nice continuity of form. Neat slices are now attainable and its use as a leftover is possible if you desire to incorporate it in, say, a sandwich if you so desire.

Meatloaf can be a desired and anticipated entree once again thanks to the applied experience of Glenn at Northern Meats.





Smokehouse Glenn's Meatloaf

Yummy Finished Product

Episode 8 - Meatloaf audio - Meatloaf     

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