Turkey and Chicken is Smokin’ Good at Northern Meats

Published by Rilee Waller on November 2nd, 2011

Marquette11/02/2011 – The inviting aroma of smoked poultry filled the office air as Smokehouse Glenn shared this week’s tasty feature items – smoked turkey breast and smoked chicken. Turkey coming from a farm in Manistique and chickens originating from Amish farms, these poultry delights see no modern methods of farm development, free ranging, no growth hormones, Glenn is starting with the best possible product for his customers.

Smokehouse Glenn Marquette Michigan

Smoked Chicken

Marinaded in his own special brine for four to five days, then smoked over hickory wood, these meats contain moist, delicious flavor that speaks of Glenn personal experience in producing a wonderful product. While these meats have been smoked, they have not been smoked to the point of rendering them shelf stable so they still require refrigeration. However, as a trade-off, both the chicken and the turkey contain just the right amount of moisture that has lock in the flavors produced from the curing and smoking process. One wonderful use of these products would be to dice up either the chicken or turkey and mound them on your favorite style of garden fresh salad! Mmmm! Smokehouse Glenn has these and other tasty meat products at his store, Northern Meats. You can really taste the goodness of his products in every bite!

Episode 12 - Smoked Turkey and Chicken Audio - Episode 12 - Smoked Turkey and Chicken Audio     

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