Bacon, Bacon, and More Bacon!

Published by Rilee Waller on November 9th, 2011
cajun bacon

Cajun Bacon

Marquette – 11/9/11 – Smokehouse Glenn was at the Great Lakes Radio Studios again this morning.  As always whenever I hear him come in the door, I rushed to the lobby from the office to get a taste of what the “Custom Cut Butcher” brought for sampling today!  I was pleasantly surprised to find he brought a variety of different bacon varieties made exclusively by Glenn himself.

Glenn makes his bacon out of three different cuts of meat, each cut has a variety of tasty flavors.  The first and most popular is the Cajun bacon made from pork belly.  This is the kind of bacon most people are familiar with, but with a twist.  Products from Northern Meats aren’t like any other product, they’re unique.  Glenn’s bacon slices are a much more generous thick cut than you can find from any other brand of commercial variety.  He makes four flavors of the regular style bacon which include, Hickory smoked, Apple Cinnamon, Cajun, and Pepper.  All the bacon products are cured for 4-5 months then the Apple Cinnamon, Cajun, and Pepper Bacon are coated with Glenn’s special seasoning, then hickory smoked for 4-5 hours.  I got to try three flavors, the Hickory Smoked, Apple Cinnamon, and Cajun.  The Hickory Smoked bacon had a great classic smoky flavor.  The Apple Cinnamon had a very unique, enjoyable flavor that everyone must try, and the Cajun Bacon had the perfect flavor with a little kick of Cajun, but not too hot.

Glenn’s other bacon products include bacon made from pork shoulder that he calls Camp Bacon.  Camp bacon is just like the regular Hickory Smoked Bacon, but a tad leaner cut.  He also makes bacon from the boneless pork loin, this is the leanest type of bacon.  The flavor options for the boneless pork loin include Canadian Bacon which is a sweet bacon, Poameal which is Canadian Bacon coated with corn meal, and Yooper Bacon which is Glenn’s hickory smoked bacon on the leanest cut of meat.

Next time you are passing by Harvey, stop in to see Smokehouse Glenn and pick up some bacon.  You are in for a flavor treat that tastes like no other bacon you have ever eaten. There is a bacon flavor to please everyone’s taste buds at Northern Meats!

Episode 13 - Smoked Bacon Audio - Episode 13 - Smoked Bacon Audio     
apple cinnamon bacon

Apple Cinnamon Bacon

Smoked Bacon

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