Dearborn Hungarian-style Smoked Kielbasa at Northern Meats

Published by Rilee Waller on November 23rd, 2011

Smoked Kielbasa warmed on the frying pan

Marquette – 11/23/11 – This morning Glenn featured Dearborn Smoked Hungarian-style Kielbasa on his portion of this shopping show.  Everyone from the station always makes their way to Glenn a few moments after he enters the door as the aroma fills the offices and studios.  Glenn partners with Dearborne after working there for 30 years, and now carries many of their products in his store.  He carries their sausage products, hot dogs, lunch meats, smoked kielbasa, and can get almost any of their other products upon request.  Dearborn meats are top quality meat products as only Glenn would choose.

I took one bite of this kielbasa and immediately the flavor brought me back to many occasions my Mom prepared this similar, good-tasting kielbasa when I was growing up in New York…Mmmm, it was delicious then and was extremely delicious today!!!!

Along with many of Glenn’s other available meat products, these are quick and easy to cook and make a great snack or meal.  They are smoked so they are already fully cooked.  All you have to do is fry it in a skillet for a few minutes until it is warm.  The Dearborn Smoked Kielbasa is similar to Glenn’s homemade Polish Sausage.  The Kielbasa, however has more of a spicy flavor, with paprika and other spices added.

Stop in and check out Glenn’s store on M-28 to pick up some final food needs for your Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Episode 15 – Hungarian – style Dearborn Sausage

Dearborn Sausage Smoked Kielbasa

Your Dearborn Smoked Kielbasa is not complete without some Dearborn Sauerkraut!


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