Northern Meat’s 2 Types of Bacon – Aren’t Bacon!!!!

Published by Rilee Waller on December 14th, 2011

Marquette12/07/2011 – Smokehouse Glenn arrived today at the station with his two varieties of bacon available in his butcher shop. These two featured items  would give one the impression that Glenn has taken up the art of practicing magic because these items are actually NOT what their name implies!

Bacon!!! Everyone is familiar with this pork product – the very item that some comedians make jokes about concerning consumers’ obsession to include it on every sandwich, meal and appetizer!! However, Glenn’s bacon is not like every other type of bacon because his cuts of meat are not originating from the belly but from the loins!!!

Smokehouse Glenn

Canadian Bacon

Glenn makes his “bacon” from boneless pork loins, lean and tender without the typical portions of fat that are characteristically part of the belly section. Glenn makes two varieties of bacon – a Canadian Bacon and a Smoked Yooper Bacon. The  Canadian variety posses a sweet flavor, incorporating a higher concentration of sugar to derive its distinct flavor. The Yooper bacon, the more popular of the two, mostly because of the name itself, gets its flavor from its hickory smoking process that Glenn uses in its preparation.

Either of these “bacons” would enhance any version of hamburger, sandwich or breakfast entree. What I am learning to look for in Glenn’s products is the key description, “ready to eat”,  which results from his cooking processes. This indicates that right off the shelf, this product can be eaten NOW, right out of the package…and Smokehouse Glenn’s products have delicious flavors that permeate his product that I would always tempted to eat them straight out of the package!!!





Custom -Cut Butcher

Yooper Bacon

If you live locally, stop in and buy some of these unique “bacons” or contact Northern Meats ans have Glenn ship some bacon right to your door!!!


Episode 17 - Canadian & Yooper Bacon - Episode 17 - Canadian & Yooper Bacon     

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