Potato Sausage – Is It Meat ?????

Published by Rilee Waller on January 4th, 2012

Marquette01/04/12 – I’ve heard of potato pancakes, potato chip and potato salad  – but POTATO SAUSAGE!!!! How can this be???? I thought meat was the traditional product that goes inside a sausage casing! This is NOT entirely the case (he he) with Glenn’s sampling of his refined recipe of potato sausage.

Having spent 30+ years with Dearborn Sausage downstate, Glenn has never had an actual demand for this unique (and for myself) somewhat unusual product. However, once relocating on the north end of the Mighty Mac, Glenn began to get requests for potato sausage; so he and Butcher Bob set out from scratch to generate a recipe for this “not all meat” type of sausage.

After several attempts to narrow down  just the right flavor he was looking to settle on for his recipe, he finally decided on the one he is currently using in his store.  Glenn’s ingredients include lean beef, pork shoulder cuts ; fresh Idaho potatoes and onions. These four main ingredients are ground together through the meat grinder, each of which are measured in somewhat  equal proportions. The additional ingredients are non-fat dry milk, salt, onion powder and “spices” (NO, this mixture will remain an in house secret!!!). This final mixture is then cased in natural animal casing.

Smokehouse Glenn

Home made Potato Sausage

Once the sausage is cased, the product is immediately placed in the freezer to preserve the potatoes. What?? I did not think that potatoes would begin to oxidize (turn brown) through the casing wall but Glenn told me he found that this occurs so freezing avoids the spoiling of the sausage’s appearance.

Cooking process is achieved best when you place the sausage in a oven grade pan with a small amount of water in the bottom; just enough to last during the entire cooking time. Your cooking temperature is 350* for about 20 – 25 minutes or until the top of the sausage casing beginsto get crispy.

Smokehouse Glenn

Delicious Potato Sausage

Having never tasted potato sausage, I was completely surprised with Glenn’s recipe. The taste is predominantly the combination of beef and pork supported with a robust flavor of onion. I actually couldn’t taste potato but I could see that it had its place in the recipe as one of the four main ingredients. The texture is just like any of your favorite sausage; the casing is firm with a snap to it when you bite into it. This is definitely a sausage like none other!!!

Locals in the Marquette area, log on to upbargains.com and purchase certificates for Northern Meats and try this delicious product from Smokehouse Glenn, Marquette’s very own “custom cut butcher”!!!

Episode 20 - Potato Sausage Audio - Episode 20 - Potato Sausage Audio     

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