A Beautiful Taste of Detroit-Style Coney Dogs

Published by Rilee Waller on April 23rd, 2012

Growing up as a kid, I was not a picky eater; however there was something about cheap hot dogs that just didn’t sit well with me – seriously!!

Smokehouse Glenn brought in genuine, bonified – great tasting Dearborn product once again. Coney dogs were his featured item this week; made exclusively from Glenn’s old meat processing stomping ground for 30 years. Two types of coney style franks – natural casing and skinless franks.

Smokehouse Glenn's main coney dog ingredients

For the Best in Coney Dogs

Natural casing for that distinctive “snap” when you bite into them or the skinless version either way, those great tasting coney dogs are sought after by many Detroit area businesses desiring to sell ‘their version of a great tasting coney dog.

However, coney dogs are not complete without a GOOD chili sauce!!! National brand coney island hot dog chili sauce is delicious!!!! Just like Dearborn dogs, according to Glenn, numerous stores purchase National brand sauce to add to their version of coney dogs to sell. Look at these dogs…

Smokehouse Glenn

Truly the BEST in Coney Dogs

original coney island dogs with chili sauce packed with delicious flavor in every bite.

Northern Meats new location in the Country Village, 1040 Country Lane, Ishpeming, Michigan – – for the Best in Quality Meats – see your “Custom Cut Butcher”!!!

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