Breakfast Burrito with Home made Choriso

Published by Rilee Waller on June 18th, 2012

This morning was a treat to see Smokehouse Glenn make breakfast for us. Simple, just Oooooh, So delicious, Glenn had, what I will call a 3 Item Breakfast Burrito.

The highlight ingredient for this dish is his home made choriso. This pork sausage contains a blend of Mexican seasonings that add a zing to this simple just flavorful breakfast. Smokehouse Glenn's Choriso

Smokehouse Glenn’s choriso starts out with pork shoulder cuts that are ground up through the meat grinder just like processing hamburger, then seasoned with his own blend of Mexican spices (sorry, NO in house secrets disclosed here!). Glenn’s seasonings in his recipe version of his choriso would lend to the use it this meat product to be browned and broken up an used within your desired recipe; it would be VERY hearty to shape this product into a patty and eat it like a burger. The seasonings that create the hearty flavor of this turiso projects flavor within the recipe it is used in, so the dish is filled with flavor from this choriso.

For this simple breakfast item, the turiso was browned in a pan and broken up until fully cooked. Eggs were then scrambled well then the turiso was added to the eggs. Grated cheese is added on top to the eggs and finally rolled up in flour tortillas to make this handy to eat. Simple yet tasty breakfast!

I would use this in my wife’s stroganoff recipe which usually uses a sliced beef or flavored ground beef OR I would use it as a substitute for Italian sausage on my home-made N.Y. style pizza.

Smokehouse Glenn is always helpful to suggest cook tips and recipe applications when you visit his shore to purchase any of his delicious products.

Visit his website, or drop Glenn an e-mail for any questions about his product line.




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