Elk and Buffalo Summer Sausage

Published by Rilee Waller on June 19th, 2012

Smokehouse Glenn carries a line of several different types of summer sausages from Little Town Jerky Company which have an outstanding and distinct flavor for each of the different types of sausage. Quality products not produced by Northern Meats

If Smokehouse Glenn is not producing his own meat products personally in his store, his offers only the BEST products from other meat producing companies where quality and taste are #1! Our very own radio station personality, Walt Lindala, said that Northern Meat’s steaks are “works of art”!!

Smokehouse Glenn is a real personable-type butcher; he converses with his customers to find out what type of meat they are interested in, how they like their meat cooked, what types of flavors they like and what portion size they are interested in buying. Sold by Norhtern Meats

If you haven’t stopped in and talked with Smokehouse Glenn and visted his new store location in the Country Village Plaza, you should treat yourself to an adventure on tasty meat!!!!

Buffalo Summer Sausage

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