Kabobs A Grilling Creation From Smokehouse Glenn

Published by Rilee Waller on July 9th, 2012

Smokehouse Glenn has a pre-made assortment of  Kabobs featuring your choice of chicken, beef or lamb that can easily be a fast and delicious meal. Any of these choices can be purchased as pre-constructed kabobs skewered with several types of sweet pepper and purple onion.

Meal time preparation is easy when you purchase a marinade from Spicy Jo’s for your particular meat choice, marinaded for several hours then placed on the grill. Turn these kabobs frequently over medium grill heat and brush with your marinade until meat is cooked medium rare to medium.

Served on a bed of white rice, you couldn’t ask for a more easier and delicious meal – – – Mmmmmm!!! Summertime grilling couldn’t sound or sizzle any better with these tasty items from Smokehouse Glenn’s!!!!!

Beef of Lamb Kabobs



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