Montreal Steak And Stuffed Peppers from Smokehouse Glenn

Published by Rilee Waller on August 8th, 2012

One can never know what succulent meat specialty Smokehouse Glenn will bring into the radio station for our Shopping Show on Wednesday, so it’s a wait and see what is up Glenn’s sleeve!

Smokehouse Glenn arrived with an extremely lean cut of beef known as the Montreal steak. Lean steak has less fat but flavorful; marbled steak with varying degrees of fat becomes tender but less flavorful.Northern Meats & Spicy Jo's

This particular Montreal cut sirloin steak is seasoned with a spice rub. This is an economical type cut from the sirloin section of the cow. This sirloin cut can be used for braising or stir frying in soups, stews, sliced thin and grilled for sandwiches.

Spicy Jo's & Northern Meats

Glenn also brought in a 50–50 ground beef and ground pork mixture seasoned by Spicy Jo and stuffed into a banana pepper and baked in the oven. The ground meat mixture is seasoned with an mixture of sweet & sassy garlic spice, some onion dip, a seasoning combination named Caribbean Tropical Topical from Spicy Jo’s store.

Northern Meats & Spicy Jo's

Smokehouse Glenn and Spicy Jo both have helpful suggestions for all customers looking to try new tastes in beef or pork.

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