Breakfast Brats Contain ALMOST Everything You Need to Start the Morning!!!

Published by Rilee Waller on September 5th, 2012

Smokehouse Glenn brought in a Breakfast Brats that LOOKED similar to previous brats he has made – but don’t be fooled…all brats are not the same!!!

These brats start out with a pork base, Glenn has added “veggies” (not telling what kinds are mixed in there), ham, cheese and whole egg solids held together inside genuine natural casings!!! All you need is two slices of toast and you are all set. You might be able to place two of these between a sliced bagel or English Muffin for a brawny brat breakfast sandwich!!

You could also partner these brats with French toast, waffles or pancakes for the full course breakfast – it just wouldn’t take up a lot of room on your plate!

Can you see the 4 Food Groups in there?

Smokehouse Glenn of Northern Meats










Smokehouse Glenn is always experimenting with flavors and willing to try suggestions from his customers. This past week, Glenn worked on a habenaro – lime marinade on both boneless chicken breasts and flank steaks…Woa!!! Glenn said they were a little too hot for him – but they may be just right for you!!! Whatever you are looking for in the way of meats and spicing combinations, Northern Meats and Spicy Jo’s is the market for you.

Remember hunting season is just around the corner and Northern Meats is the place for a variety of meats sticks and jerkeys that are field ready to satisfy your hunger while out in the field. Stop in and visit Northern Meats in the Country Village in Ishpeming!!

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  1. Lorrie murdy says:

    Where can I buy these brats? I live in MN and we need them for our tailgate party when the Vikings play it he packers. Please let me know.

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