Tailgate Brats & Creamy Andouille Soup

Published by Rilee Waller on September 26th, 2012

Tailgate Brats w/Pepper Jack Cheese & SauerkrautThere is always some cookin’ at Northern Meats and Smokehouse Glenn brought in a new item – Tailgate Brats!! This recipe for these great tasting brats contain Pepper Jack cheese and sauerkraut in the mix along with his specially seasoned pork.


This is not the first time that Glenn has placed cheese in a brat or sausage recipe but this is the first use of Pepper Jack cheese and I will always give a thumbs up vote of approval to any recipe containing the appropriate combination of tangy seasoning. The sauerkraut adds a slight hint of vinegar and caraway seed which is a pleasant addition to the brat’s flavor.New tailgate brats recipe cooked


Also, Glenn brought in a soup creation that he has been working on with his partner, Spicy Jo and they came up with a Creamy Andouille Soup. This recipe uses a cream soup base with some of Smokehouse Glenn’s andouille sausage. This sausage is loaded with excellent flavor. I recently purchased a quantity to add to my cheesy Jambalaya recipe.

Smokehouse Glenn & Spicy Jo's recipe!!!


There are plenty of  items to choose from with either Northern Meats or Spicy Jo’s – you can’t go wrong by combining the two to come up with a tasty and delicious entry that will always satisfy!!!!

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