It’s Makin’ Bacon with Smokehouse Glenn – Camp Bacon

Published by Rilee Waller on October 3rd, 2012

Smokehouse Glenn brought in two different types of bacon which he make fresh at his store, Northern Meats. Today he brought in what he named “Camp Bacon” and Apple Cinnamon Bacon.


Glenn sells many different varieties of bacon that he makes; this particular recipe starts with pork shoulder. The meat is cured and smoked in the same manner his other bacons are made but it is sliced thicker than usual. Since Glenn uses the shoulder cut, this allows him to luxury of slicing this recipe thicker than normal, making it much more appealing the the customer. Bacon made from pork shoudler cutsShoulder cuts  - leaner, home made goodness

Most bacon comes from pork belly cut of the pig but using the shoulder area, makes the cuts lean. Glenn also makes Yooper bacon from boneless pork loin, which is really lean. As you can tell from his many variations of meats cut recipes, Northern Meats isn’t shy on trying anything when it comes to butchering.

I brought home Glenn’s Apple Cinnamon bacon and used it on my fried rice recipe, using 6 eggs, half the pound of bacon, white rice, fresh minced garlic, a dab of oyster sauce and a pinch of fresh green chiles. Mmmmm – a hint of sweetness with a bit of chille heat!!!

Smokehouse Glenn goodness in my recipeHome made goodness

Just because the weather is getting cooler doesn’t mean that the grill can’t cook steaks!! Northern Meats has all the cuts for grilling, T-bones, Porterhouses, rib-eyes, fillets, NY strips, sirloins…pork chops. You name it, Smokehouse Glenn has it. If he doesn’t, he WILL GET IT for you!!!


Chicken breasts prepared in various flavored marinades: Italian, Lemon Pepper, Butter Garlic and also B-B-Q.


Smokehouse Glenn’s store philosophy is – how do you want your meat cut? Lean, thicker, thinner, more marbling – anything you want!!! You will always get the best from Smokehouse Glenn at Northern Meats!!!

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