Hamburger Sausage – A New Recipe With Some Zing!!!

Published by Rilee Waller on October 10th, 2012

Smokehouse Glenn’s adventuresome nature to create new meat product recipes appeared with him this morning…and it was oh, so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o good!!!Smokehouse Glenn's new in-house recipe

Glenn and his “Seasoning Co-hort” Spicy Jo developed a new product named Hamburger Sausage in the Northern Meats’ test kitchen. This item started out with – yes, lean hamburger!!! I would have never guessed with the texture of ground beef could be transformed into a good tasting sausage! Glenn gives all the seasoning credit on this recipe to Spicy Jo, who selected a combination of garlic, black pepper, salt, mustard seed and red pepper. The black pepper and mustard seed combine to give a zingy kick in the flavor. Once the meat and seasoning were combined, the mixture’s flavor developed over 4 to 5 days in the refrigerator; getting a daily stirring so the flavor is working throughout the entire recipe batch.

Northern Meats' test kitchen sampleGlenn prides himself in providing the true essence of his trademark slogan, “custom cut butcher”. When you visit his shop, if you have any ideas on an item that you would like Glenn to develop, he will try it. Just like this hamburger sausage, Glenn is always willing to try developing any product idea a customer has a request for.

Smokehouse Glenn country Village Ispeming Michigan

Whatever you are looking for in the line of beef, pork or chicken products, there is only one place to shop to get what you’re looking for, the way you want it – Northern Meats!!! If you need any help or suggestions with what you purchase, Glenn is always helpful in making your cooking or grilling experience a delicious and memorable one!!! Stop in and find out for yourself – you will be glad you did!!!

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