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Two Types of Easy Snacks From Smokehouse Glenn

Published by Rilee Waller on January 28th, 2015

HEY! Stop taking the easy approach to snacks! Yeah, I’m talking chips, pretzels, cheese puffs. With just a short amount of time, not even 10 minutes, you can serve a snack with REAL meat and it’s tasty!!

Regular brats with sauce

Regular brats with sauce

Glenn brought in two snacks made from two different flavored brats and his most popular steak sauce. Using his regular brat recipe and his Jalapeno & Pepper Jack Cheese brats, slice these links, cook them in a sauce pan. When the pieces are cooked, pour an ample amount of Glenn’s Sweet Onion Steak Sauce over the brat pieces and glaze. Transfer to a plate, supply tooth picks and your favorite cracker to place each slice on. Voila! Your extra ordinary snack!

Jalapeno & Pepper Jack Cheese brats

Jalapeno & Pepper Jack Cheese brats

Jalapeno & Pepper Jack Cheese brats are Glenn’s most popular flavor in his store but there are several flavor varieties that will work with this steak sauce. Glenn’s Sweet Onion Steak Sauce contains molasses, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce that really make this sauce’s flavor stand out.

Sweet Onion Steak Sauce

Sweet Onion Steak Sauce


Stop in and visit Smokehouse Glenn’s store; you will be amazed at all the variety his has available for seasonings, sauces, condiments, sea salts that will give you a different taste for next meal. Don’t forget that Smokehouse Glenn has the best selection of beef, chicken, pork and seafood in the area.

Smokehouse Glenn is open M – Sat. 10 to 6; Sundays 10 – 4. Located in the Country Village, Ishpeming; across from Ace Hardware, 1040 Country Lane; your “Custom Cut Butcher” is there to serve you some tasty entrees!


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Another Brat Creation From Smokehouse Glenn

Published by Rilee Waller on August 20th, 2014

Brats are for barbequing to satisfy your hunger in a tasty way. The place to visit for the largest selection of flavored brats is Smokehouse Glenn. The “custom cut butcher” brought in his Chicken Bacon Ranch brats BUT he is always finding creative ways to flavor his delicious products. Today he added two mustards from Woeber’s of Springfield, Ohio; Cranberry Honey and Champagne Dill mustards.

Woeber's Mustards

Woeber’s Mustards

Cranberry Honey is made of a pure, golden honey blended with fresh, ground cranberries and special seasoning. Tasty with a great sweetness from the fresh cranberries. Champagne Dill is their famous dijon mustard with a mix of dill seasoning. This mustard is more my flavor choice with the dill making it unique in itself.

brats w_champagne dill mustard

Chicken Bacon Ranch brats

As football season begins to heat up tailgating and patio barbequing with increase too. Glenn will have his “tailgate brat” made of brat mixture, sauerkraut and Pepper Jack cheese. Lions fans will enjoy coney island dogs with coney island sauce. Viking fans can enjoy any of Glenn’s varieties of brat to choose from in his store.brats & mustards

If you’ve never stopped in to see all the condiments, seasonings, flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars; you’re in for a treat! Stop in a see what the “custom cut butcher” can provide for your next meal.

Located in the Country Village,1040 Country Lane, Smokehouse Glenn is opened M – Sat. 10 to 6; Sundays 10 – 4. Call 485-4220!

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Smokehouse Glenn Adds Two More Brats to His Line-up

Published by Rilee Waller on July 31st, 2014

Chicken version of another great tasting product from Smokehouse Glenn. Sante Fe Chicken brats and Chicken Bacon Sausage brats. The list of brat flavors continue to grow with continuing customer requests.

Sante Fe chicken sausage

Sante Fe chicken sausage

Chicken Bacon Ranch brats

Chicken Bacon Ranch brats

Glenn has such a wide selection of items to choose from for your next meal – home made hot dogs, Mushroom Swiss brats, marinaded chicken breasts, stand up pork chops, custom cut t-bone steaks, pork roasts and seafood!

Brats ready to taste!

Brats ready to taste!

Looking for a premium selection of pork, chicken, beef or seafood; flavored condiments and sauces, seasonings, flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars – Smokehouse Glenn has the widest selection for your next meal entree or snack plan.

Visit Smokehouse Glenn in the Country Village, 1040 Country Lane in Ishpeming. If you have questions about any of the product selections available call your “custom cut” butcher at 485-4220

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Snack Sticks Are Snack-A-Lackin’ Good at Northern Meats!

Published by Rilee Waller on May 23rd, 2013

Today Smokehouse Glenn brought in two flavors of his snack sticks – both of which a simply delicious. One flavor was his regular snack stick recipes however Glenn just thought of adding cheddar cheese to so – voila! You have Cheese Snack Sticks and both Glenn and I appreciate practically everything with cheese – so his already delicious sticks taste even better! The Mesquite snack sticks with smoked Mesquite flavoring had a distinct flavor and delicious taste.

cheese snack sticksmesquite sticks cut

Northern Meats is getting ready for the Memorial Day weekend by providing his Regular brats, Jalapeno & Pepper Jack brats and the Mushroom & Swiss brats and Glenn will provide those meat flavors in patty form for grilling. These three flavors will be sale priced at $2.99 per pound.

Glenn also has received customer interest in making their own brats, so Glenn is carrying cherry, hickory and mesquite saw dust for smoking, he has cure and sheep and hog casing for brat making.

Smokehouse Glenn wishes all his customers a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. If you need anything for grilling or holiday cooking; stop in and get your goodies from Glenn.Northern Meats will be opened 10 – 4 on Memorial Day!!cheese sticks close up

Snack Sticks and Holiday Grilling     





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New Year Brats New Recipe & More!

Published by Rilee Waller on January 2nd, 2013

Happy New Year from Northern Meats and Smokehouse Glenn! Starting off the new year, Glenn brought Glenn brought in another “Test Kitchen” item that was suggested by a walk-in customer. Brats are a hot item at Northern Meats and the other day a customer came in and asked Glenn if he ever made brats with pineapple in the mix. No, but that sounds like a great tasting idea.

SMokehouse Glenn's Test Kitchen Recipe Northern Meats home made products

Well, here is the final product – right out of the “Test Kitchen” – Brats with Pineapple & Green Onions. Moist, tender and a hint of pineapple flavor, this recipe can be added to the list of Glenn’s available flavors of brats featured in his display case.


Also brought in for sampling was several links of Glenn’s brats with green onions. Again another brat recipe that is moist, tender, mildly seasoned with a hint of green onion taste. Great for BBQ grilling, tailgate parties, place these brats in a fresh soft bun with spicy brown mustard, grilled onions or kraut and you have a delicious meal!

Northern Meats Country Village Ishpeming Michigan

As a side note, last week you might recall, Smokehouse Glenn brought in samples of both jumbo scallops and shrimp. Since I found out that Glenn has a seafood connection, I had to have him order mussels and clams for me so I could try my long awaited Food Network recipe of clams and mussels with linguine. Enclosed you will see a photo of my finished dish – it was oh, so tasty! Never tasted mussels before this and I found them to be slightly softer in texture than clams. The mussels take on the flavor of the sauce they are cooked in. This will be a repeat recipe for me!!! Thanks, Glenn!Shell fish provided by Northern Meats






New Years Brats     

Episode 35 – Tailgate Brats & Creamy Andouille Soup

Published by Rilee Waller on September 26th, 2012
Episode 35 - Tailgate Brats & Creamy Andouille Soup     

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Breakfast Brats Contain ALMOST Everything You Need to Start the Morning!!!

Published by Rilee Waller on September 5th, 2012

Smokehouse Glenn brought in a Breakfast Brats that LOOKED similar to previous brats he has made – but don’t be fooled…all brats are not the same!!!

These brats start out with a pork base, Glenn has added “veggies” (not telling what kinds are mixed in there), ham, cheese and whole egg solids held together inside genuine natural casings!!! All you need is two slices of toast and you are all set. You might be able to place two of these between a sliced bagel or English Muffin for a brawny brat breakfast sandwich!!

You could also partner these brats with French toast, waffles or pancakes for the full course breakfast – it just wouldn’t take up a lot of room on your plate!

Can you see the 4 Food Groups in there?

Smokehouse Glenn of Northern Meats










Smokehouse Glenn is always experimenting with flavors and willing to try suggestions from his customers. This past week, Glenn worked on a habenaro – lime marinade on both boneless chicken breasts and flank steaks…Woa!!! Glenn said they were a little too hot for him – but they may be just right for you!!! Whatever you are looking for in the way of meats and spicing combinations, Northern Meats and Spicy Jo’s is the market for you.

Remember hunting season is just around the corner and Northern Meats is the place for a variety of meats sticks and jerkeys that are field ready to satisfy your hunger while out in the field. Stop in and visit Northern Meats in the Country Village in Ishpeming!!