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Smoked Fish & Cheese Curds…Ahhhh, What a Pair!

Published by Rilee Waller on January 15th, 2014

 A marriage of two incredibly tasting items were sampled today thanks to the distinctive selection of our well known custom-cut butcher himself, Smokehouse Glenn!

Today, Glenn brought in several products from companies that hold quality in as high esteem as Northern Meats does. Horseradish Cheddar Cheese Curds from Yancey’s Fancy Artisan Cheese and three different types of smoked salmon from Susie Q Fish Company.

Smoked fish and cheese curds

Smoked fish and cheese curds

I love ANY type of cheese and these cheddar cheese curds with horseradish is loaded with zesty flavor. Not too much to give you that brain zing but just enough to get you coming back for more.


FISH – I’ve never ate a type of fish I didn’t like and the same goes with this smoked salmon. Sampling three different flavored fish, I couldn’t decide which flavor I liked the best. Classic smoked, Cajon smoked and Pepper smoked salmon. Each of these salmon portions are fully cooked, ready to eat with your favorite crackers, or simply a finger food snack. If you’re a smoked fish lover, stop in to Northern Meats and get a package of this delicious product.

Classic, Peppered and Cajon!

Classic, Peppered and Cajon!



Keep listening to Glenn on the Shopping Show, every Wednesday mornings. He said his test kitchen area is nearing completion and soon he will be preparing samples right in his shop for customers to try. His store will be fulled with the delicious aromas of recipes featuring his quality beef, chicken, pork and seafood products!


Store hours for Northern Meats are M – Saturday 10 to 6; Sunday 10 to 4. Premium quality products from your friendly “custom-cut” butcher – Smokehouse Glenn!


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BBQ Snack Sticks and Smoked Fish

Published by Rilee Waller on July 12th, 2012

BBQ Snack Sticks created in Smokehouse Glenn’s own in-house smoker made an appearance today on the Shopping Show. These snack sticks possessed a deliciously heavy BBQ flavor balanced extremely well with all of Smokehouse Glenn’s spices used in his “secret Snack Stick recipe”.SMokehouse Glenn

Smokehouse Glenn' s Own recipe

Glenn doesn’t smoke fish at Northern Meats but he does carry only the Best Tasting smoked fish from Susie Q Fish Company of Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Smoking fish requires a dedicated smoker for smoking fish only or you will ruin your smoked meats. Due to limited space at Northern Meats, Smokehouse does not smoke any fish in his store but I wouldn’t be surprised that it might appear eventually in his store.Suzie Q Fish Co.


Today I tasted smoked salmon from Fish Company which was very moist. The peppered coating enhanced and blended well with the smoky flavors; Susie Q also has a classic version, a peppered recipe and a Cajun variety along with smoked white fish.Smokehouse Glenn's New product


With over 30 years in the meat processing business, Smokehouse Glenn has his connections for the Best in meats, if he doesn’t currently carry something in his store, he knows exactly where to get it so stop in and see him at Northern Meats located in the Country Village, Ishpeming!!!