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Stop by Smokehouse Glenn to Prepare For Your Memorial Day Weekend Cook Out

Published by lauren bareiss on May 24th, 2019
Try some of the delicious fish spreads with the kebabs.

Try some of the delicious fish spreads with the kebabs.

Ishpeming, MI  –  May 24, 2019  – Earlier this week we stopped in to see the Great Lakes Radio gang during our regular segment on the Shopping Show! As usual, we brought a bunch of snacks for our radio hosts to try out while we caught up on what’s new with Smokehouse Glenn.

During Memorial Day Weekend we have several delicious new products you’ll want to try out including some brand new snack sticks you can munch on in between meals! New to the product item are the Sweet Maple Bacon, Dill Pickle, and Bloody Mary snack sticks. Enjoying the day off on Monday and taking a day trip to Pictured Rocks? Bring a few snack sticks along to keep you going while you’re hiking our beautiful U.P. shoreline.

If you’re hosting a party, you’ll want some slices of our new Mettwurst on your cheese-n-meat tray. When your guests try this delicious German ring sausage they’ll love the smoky flavor and a coarse texture from the mustard seeds. While the guests are snacking, put some of our brand new kebabs on the grill. We’ve got everything from your regular beef and chicken to seafood kebabs like shrimp and scallop or swordfish! Kebabs come pre-seasoned, skewered and ready to through on the barbecue.

While on the Shopping Show, we talked about our olive oils and vinegars! Mark pointed out that adding vinegar to your diet can help speed up or improve your body’s digestive track. When you stop into our store in Ishpeming, you’ll see our olive oils and vinegars display, nearly almost 60 different flavors.

Yes – We’re open Memorial Day

Whether you’re looking to just get some snacks or throw a full party, we’ve got what you need. Drop by the store to have a taste of any of our Vinegars or Oils, try some food samples and ask any questions you might have about or products or how to prepare something.

Smokehouse Glenn is regularly open 10a-6p Monday through Saturday and 10a-4p on Sunday. This Monday, May 27th, you can stop in for last minute party needs any time 10a-4p!

Find the shop at located at 1040 Country Lane in the Country Village of Ishpeming. When you have questions, get your answers by calling Glenn at (906) 485-4220. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more regular updates!

Click here to listen to part of our time on the Great Lakes Radio Shopping Show


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Big Snack Sticks With Big Flavor

Published by Rilee Waller on February 4th, 2015

Smokehouse Glenn brought in four of his home made snack sticks available at his store: BBQ, Cheese, Habanero and Pepperoni. Additional flavors that Glenn makes is a plain variety, Mesquite and Hunter’s Sticks!

Cheddar Cheese sticks!

Cheddar Cheese sticks!

Four of these sticks make up one half pound of tasty goodness. These are so popular among Glenn’s customers that he is going to make these stick available individually so his customers can come in and select what they want by the handful!

Habanero sticks

Habanero sticks

One radio listener called in asking about the bacon Smokehouse Glenn sells. This customer enjoys 20 lbs. of bacon per month and was looking for a new place to buy from. Well – Glenn has thick sliced bacon in several flavors: Hickory smoked, Apple Cinnamon, Cajon, Pepper, Canadian and Yooper. Take your pick – all Glenn’s bacon is great!!

Smokehouse Glenn is located in the Country Village, Ishpeming; across from Ace Hardware, 1040 Country Lane. Opened M – Sat. 10 to 6; Sundays 10 – 4. Stop in for your snack sticks!

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Glenn Adds Two Tasty Items to His Store

Published by Rilee Waller on January 21st, 2015

Smokehouse Glenn has many items in his store that he makes himself – a variety of snack sticks, summer sausages, brats and jerkys. However, sometime Glenn can’t have all the equipment necessary to produce every product.

Stoneridge's Otto

Stoneridge’s Otto

This week, Glenn found two products from Stoneridge Meat & Country Market of Wauoma, WI. Where Glenn found Bloody Mary flavored Snack Sticks and Pit Smoked Onion & Garlic Summer Sausage. Pit smoking is an old style process where the smoke is generated from a pit located beneath the meat product being processed; usually smoked for a lengthier time. Great choices, Glenn – both items are flavorful and delicious!

Delicious snack sticks!

Delicious snack sticks!

There is still plenty of time to collect your favorite Super Bowl items to enjoy during the Championship game. Salamis, snack sticks, summer sausages, meat & cheese trays – Smokehouse Glenn is stocked up and ready to supply your snacking needs!

Pit Smoked Onion & Garlic

Pit Smoked Onion & Garlic

Stop in and see Glenn for your Super Bowl snacks or any of his delicious beef, chicken, pork or seafood entrees for your next planned meal.

Smokehouse Glenn is located in the Country Village, Ishpeming; across from Ace Hardware. 1040 Country Lane is the place for delicious beef, chicken, seafood and pork! Store hours are M – Sat. 10 to 6; Sundays 10 – 4. Call 485-4220 – your “custom cut butcher” is there to serve you some tasty goodness!

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The Packer Platter Is Huge On Size and Taste!

Published by Rilee Waller on January 14th, 2015

Looking for something to carry you through this Sunday’s NFC Playoff game! Stop in and have Smokehouse Glenn put together The Packer Platter!!! Six different meats – two different types of cheese curds; the snacking is almost endless!

Packer Platter!

Packer Platter!

Glenn combined his own home made Summer sausage, Habanero snack sticks, Jalapeno & Pepper Jack Cheese snack sticks, Mesquite snack sticks with Vollwerth’s Beer Salami and Beef Salami. Add to all this meat, two types of cheese curds – Cheddar cheese and Dill & Garlic cheese curd. This platter is packing lots of flavor variety that will last most of the game!

Snacks, seafood, steaks, chops – there is a wide variety of items that will make the eating potion for your Playoff game celebration extremely tasty! Wherever your snack cravings lie, stop in and see Smokehouse Glenn before Sunday! Don’t be late for opening kickoff because you’re late minute buying for the game party.

Cheese & Meat Goodness!

Cheese & Meat Goodness!

Smokehouse Glenn is located in the Country Village, Ishpeming; across from Ace Hardware. 1040 Country Lane is the place for delicious beef, chicken, seafood and pork! Store hours are M – Sat. 10 to 6; Sundays 10 – 4. Call 485-4220!

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Snack Sticks Will Stuff Into Stockings Perfectly

Published by Rilee Waller on December 22nd, 2014

Smokehouse Glenn has once of the most tasty AND convenient meat snacks in the whole area – Snack Sticks! He makes them in an assortment of flavors; Beef, Mesquite, Cheese, Jalapeno & Pepper Jack to name a few.

These sticks are fully cooked, vacuum sealed needing no refrigeration so they make perfect Christmas stocking stuffers for friends and family. Share some delicious Christmas cheer from Smokehouse Glenn’s!

Cheese Snack Sticks

Cheese Snack Sticks

Along with these snack sticks, Glenn has roasts, ribs, steaks, burgers, brats, bacon, chicken, chops and any form of seafood you could desire. If you are thinking of splurging for the Christmas season, Smokehouse Glenn has it or can get it for you – and your meal will be memorable!

Smokehouse Glenn in located in the Country Village, 1040 Country Lane or call Glenn at 485-4220. Smokehouse Glenn is open M-F, 10 to 6; Sundays 10 to 4; closed for Christmas!! Merry Christmas everyone!

Hunter Snack Sticks

Hunter Snack Sticks

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Test Kitchen Item is 100% Good!

Published by Rilee Waller on September 19th, 2013

 Smokehouse Glenn always loves the challenge of taking on a new product suggestion from his customers. Sometimes, he just likes to challenge himself to see if he can make something tasty that he’s never made before. Such is the case with today’s 100% Beef Sticks.

1005 Beef Sticks bits

100% Beef Sticks bits

Already available at Northern Meats are a wide variety of snack sticks that are a pork based meat product – but what about using beef? Glenn choose to use a regular lightly seasoned spice recipe in theses sticks to avoid any excessive saltiness or extreme flavoring. Using 100% beef for this recipe yielded a denser texture to this product. The mild flavor is present in theses sticks, no excessive oiliness or mushy texture like several mass produced commercial meat products. I would give this a thumbs up for purchasing to satisfy my snacking needs.

Northern Meats will also process any wild game customers may have bagged during their hunting season. Call 485-4220 or stop in with your game and let Smokehouse Glenn know how you would like your game processed – you’ll be glad you did!

Stop in and select from all the beef, pork, chicken or seafood items available at Northern Meats located in the Country Village, Ishpeming. Store hours are M – Sat 10 to 6; Sundays 10 to 4.


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Mesquite Makes This Snack Stick Flavorful!

Published by Rilee Waller on August 28th, 2013

Just like the extensive list of brat flavors Smokehouse Glenn has produced for his customers, so too is the list of different flavors his snack sticks are made. Today, Glenn is featuring a Mesquite flavored Snack Stick for sampling.

Lately, many customers have been bringing in their quantities of venison to the store and asking Glenn to make the meat into some flavored product and often it takes on the form of snack sticks. Mesquite has a different taste compared to hickory, maple or cherry. Glenn offers theses sticks in either beef or pork based product or he can make a blended mix using venison.

Mesquite sticks packaged

Mesquite sticks packaged

This particular batch is a combination of beef and pork with mesquite flavoring and they are outstanding. Most mass produced beef stick products can be greasy, excessive oils oozing from them and also left in the package itself. Northern Meats doesn’t push the packaging and shelf-life limits by adding excessive salt or fat content to their products; these are great tasting products which don’t stay around long enough to exhaust their shelf life!

sliced Mesquite sticks

sliced Mesquite sticks

For your upcoming Labor Day weekend, stop in to Northern Meats and ask Smokehouse Glenn to slice you up some delicious steaks for your grill or pick up some of his marinaded chicken breasts which come in a variety of flavors – BRATS are plentiful for grillin’!

Northern Meats will be open Labor Day, 10 to 4 but don’t wait the last minute to purchase premium quality meat products from our custom-cut butcher, Smokehouse Glenn! Northern Meats is opened Monday – Saturday 10 to 6, Sunday 10 to 4.


Mesquite Snack Sticks-Labor Day grilling 8-28-13     
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Keep Cool In the Heat With Home-Made Cold Cuts

Published by Rilee Waller on July 17th, 2013


Smokehouse Glenn is usually very accommodating with his willingness to break out the BBQ grill and cook something tasty before 9 am on Wednesdays. However, this morning, our custom cut butcher wasn’t swearing over a hot grill with the morning temperature reaching 80 degrees.

Three Tasty Cold Cut Samples

Three Tasty Cold Cut Samples



So, Glenn kept cool while still bringing in delicious snack samples from three different meat treats that are simply outstanding. He brought in his regular home-made summer sausage; pepper jack and jalapeno sausage and the cheesy snack sticks.



As you can see not only by the pictures but by the product names, Smokehouse Glenn like to provide a variety of home-made meat products that will satisfy any and all taste bud desires. From plain to tangy and even hotter, Northern Meats generate a variety of beef and pork sausage recipes that are satisfying!



From pork to beef to chicken – Northern Meats provide only quality, premium grade meat that is guaranteed to satisfy their customers’ appetites.


Visit Northern Meats in the Country Village of Ishpeming, Michigan and see the diverse choice of quality meats offered by the area’s “custom cut butcher”, Smokehouse Glenn!

Glenn-Cold Cuts 071713     


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Dearborn Old Style Wieners & Spicy Snack Sticks

Published by Rilee Waller on October 24th, 2012

Smokehouse Glenn brought in a product from his long time business from the past; Dearborn Sausage. This tasty item is Dearborn’s Old Style Wiener; which is a combination between a knackwurst and a hot dog but distinct unto itself in taste and texture. This wiener has a good smoked flavor with the beef and pork having a courser grind to its consistency, and something else that is prominent to this product, which I feel adds to its overall great body of taste. This wiener is made with a natural casing, wa-a-a-a-y better that synthetic casing – natural casing delivers a distinct “Snap” when you bite into this wiener and that enhances the entire eating experience!!!Smokehouse Glenn's top notch product line


Starting with a beef and pork blend, this variety of “dog” or wiener is plumper that a traditional hot dog, combined with a delicious smoked flavor, this wiener leans more towards a sausage flavor than a traditional hot dog flavor. Glenn has noticed over the years with hot dog production, most companies have drastically changed their product recipe to a more bland, undistinguished taste that your flavor is being derived from your condiments; but not with Dearborn products!! As one true food connoisseur stated, “live is too short to eat a cheap tasting hot dog!!!”

Smokehouse Glenn's First Choice in Great Taste

Smokehouse Glenn’s other product “from the test kitchen” is a modified recipe of his mild snack stick. Glenn decided to add a little more zing to this recipe and came up with something that is very delicious!!! A little more cayenne and black pepper moved it up a notch on the flavor scale. This is truly a lively taste sensation of flavor that Glenn has developed and is available for you to purchase from Northern Meats. Located in the Country Plaza, Ishpeming, Michigan; stop in and tell Smokehouse Glenn that you heard about these products from his website and you would like to try a sample – you won’t be disappointed!!!

Smokehouse Glenn's Test Kitchen Improvement