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Smokehouse Glenn’s Pork Sausage Is First Rate In Taste

Marquette10/12/2011– Smokehouse Glenn astounded me with his great tasting pork sausage! Not all pork sausage is processed or flavored the same and today was a tasting experience that rates on the winning end of  a “10”  in texture, taste and leanness of grade.

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Glenn’s pork sausage is available in either bulk quantity that will add a tremendous taste addition  to a breakfast omelet or my yet to become famous pizza.  This sausage is also available in natural link casing that would accompany any stack of pancakes or variety of prepared style of eggs.

Glenn’s own variety of  sausage is processed from lean cuts of shoulder pork, a good 80% leanness which is evident by the very small amount of shrinkage and small amount of pan drippings that does not accumulate during the cooking process.  Most commercial sausages can vary from a 50/50 blend of meat to fat and range upward to 60/40 or sometimes 70/30. There is minimal  shrinkage visible from Glenn’s product which, again enhances the sausage taste.



Smokehouse Glenn's Bulk Sausage
Bulk Pork Sausage

Glenn has developed his own seasoning proportions in this variety of sausage that has just a slight amount of spicy “zing” to it that would rate JUST slightly above mild yet not chase away customers who would stay clear from sausage labeled HOT!

One cooking application Glenn shared during our discussion was his use of this sausage in bulk form, cooked and crumbled into a cheesy, white sauce that is served over Penne pasta…Oooo, that has my vote in my collection of pasta recipes. Being someone who loves to make his own pizza at home, today, I have tasted a sausage that contains the right amount of zing in spicing combination that I would put on my pizza every time I bake one!!!




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Episode 9 – Pork Sausage Audio

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Meatloaf Makes An Improved Transition At Northern Meats

Marquette09/07/2011  – MEATLOAF! No, this article has nothing to do with the male singer who made his Pop Chart fame with the song, Paradise By The Dashboard Lights. This main meat entree is known by us all which can bring back memories of delight from our Mom’s kitchen or dreaded thoughts of, “let find something else to eat.”  I am talking about that dinner item that can make or break an anticipated meal that you’ve anticipated  since breakfast when your wife saw you off to work with the words, “Honey, I’m making something special for dinner tonight.”

Many a college dinner was skipped on Thursday nights when meatloaf was noted on the menu. Sometimes, you may have found a decent form of “mystery meat” that was palatable only  by way of an excess amount of ketchup. Glenn has conquered the dreaded slab of  ground beef with his own devised version of this culinary quagmire.

Chairman's Reserve Choice Chuck
Glenn's Exceptional Meatloaf

Immediately, when viewing his uncooked protein mass in its ready to cook aluminum pan, the leanness to his meatloaf blend was the best that I had ever seen. Glenn states, ” I’m using Chairman’ Reserve ground to 85 to 90% beef, using chuck and round cuts.” If you remember the appearance of Glenn’s Ribeye steaks from Chairman’s, the beef is choice looking in it’s red muscle mass appearance, so the foundation of this meal entree is first rate. As a result if this selection, you will find that your finished product will not be resting in a pool of grease, that you have undoubted experienced in the past.

Next comes the essential added ingredients that serve for seasoning and enhanced texture. Again, Glenn’s 30 plus association with Dearborn Meats upgrades his product. Together, they generated an “in-house secret” seasoning blend of spices  with just the right quantity of bread crumbs to deliver wonderful, yet mild flavor and texture that is different  from when most of us are use to experiencing.

Meatloaf Like No Other
Smokehouse Glenn's Meatloaf

Another change from the usual experience we have faced with meatloaf is the condition of the final product. All seems fine in appearance until the knife begins to do its slicing task, only to find that the loaf falls apart in varied sized meat crumbles and and mini-boulders; the meat just doesn’t seem to retain its sliced form. Not so with Glenn’s loaf. The leanness of the meat along with the bread crumbs result in nice continuity of form. Neat slices are now attainable and its use as a leftover is possible if you desire to incorporate it in, say, a sandwich if you so desire.

Meatloaf can be a desired and anticipated entree once again thanks to the applied experience of Glenn at Northern Meats.





Smokehouse Glenn's Meatloaf
Yummy Finished Product

Episode 8 – Meatloaf audio

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The Skinny On the Big Taste of Spiral Cut Ham

Marquette09/28/2011- Smokehouse Glenn continues to amaze me with the product information he shares each week with me at the radio station as he prepares for our weekly Shopping Shop broadcast. This week, I learned the finer points of spiral sliced ham, which shed the light on many of my previously bad experiences with ham during family gatherings.

Smokehouse Glenn Spiral Cut Ham
Delicious Spiral Cut Ham

First, let me point out that, without sounding too cliche-ish, NOT all hams are the same. They may be the same cured section of meat but the similarity stops there. Hams are distinguished by the contend or percentage of water packaged with the ham itself. Hams, in their purest state, will be labeled, “ham”, but will state that there is no water added during curing process. This ham will be ready to eat and should be served at room temperature or slightly warmer. With the absence of water and the spiral cutting of the ham throughout its entire length, any attempt to place this product in the oven to “cook it”, even covered with foil, will result in severely drying the meat out. I like a little Guilden’s with my ham but to  salvage a mistake like this would be overkill.

Next, there is the ham in natural juices, which constitutes hams containing between 0 – 3% water. Most Classic hams from Dearborn Sausage Co. of  Dearborn, Michigan are packaged in this condition. Glenn shared with me that his 30 years working with Dearborn has yielded a special status that makes his ham handling unique. He has a special business relationship with Dearborn where he can purchase their Classic hams but he can add his own Smokehouse Signature touch. Glenn will take his spiral cut hams from Dearborn and give them his own application of  glazing and spicing then ship them off to you.  As you can see from the labeling, this ham was prepared by Northern Meats personally.

Smokehouse Glenn Prepared Spiral Cut Ham
Northern Meats Prepared Spiral Sliced Ham

Hams with water added, between 3 – 10%, is generally what most consumers are used to purchasing in their local grocery stores. With the added water, we are accustomed to cooking these hams, covered in the oven and having lots of moisture in the meat and also at the bottom of the pan.

Our final type of ham is labeled “ham product”, containing more than 10% of water. The FDA set the limit of 10% for a true meat product, anything over 10% they give the meat a “product” terminology.

Ham is such a special holiday entree for most people but this ham is so delicious that it should be used for any occasion where a craving for this tasty pork item finds it way into your menu planning!!!



Smokehouse Glenn Exclusive Prepared Ham
Nothing beats the Smokehouse Touch!!!










Episode 7 – Spiral Sliced Ham

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Tasty Pepperoni That’s Actually Sausage

Marquette – 09/21/2011–  The “Custom Cut Butcher” dropped by today for our Shopping Show edition and brought in several samples of his deliciously homemade pepperoni.  However today we found out the true definition of pepperoni from the master himself.  At first glance I could notice what Glenn had produced was not the typical diameter of most pepperoni that most consumers are accustomed to finding in the store.  So here’s where our lesson begins: Pepperoni 101…  Glenn continues by telling us the Italian process for pepperoni making.  It’s authentic secret lies in the aging process, the pepperoni, after the meat has been seasoned and cased needs to naturally age in a room that has a specific temperature and humidity climate.

Northern Meats Custom Cut Butcher Smokehouse Glenn
Northern Meats Homemade Pepperoni

The aging process requires one to two months curing time, so this one particular meat product needs it’s own undisturbed place to process.  So here’s the fork in the road for the pepperoni making of smokehouse Glenn.  Since space at Northern Meats is limited, Glenn has chosen to process his pepperoni in a shorter time span.  This actually makes his “pepperoni” a true meat stick or sausage variety.  So does Glenn’s adaptive process take away from the quality of this product… by no means!

Glenn’s pepperoni, actually sausage is lean, moist and well balanced in flavor with his own spicing combination that is his trade secret but oh, so-o-o-o-o good!!! I learned from Glenn that since he can’t afford the space needed for the true aging process, he keeps his recipe diameter to the size of sausage so that the product will dry adequately in his prescribed process.

Glenn’s venison snack stick hot version was mildly spiced with cayenne pepper just enough to add a “zing” that is very tasty and delicious!!! Northern Meats’ sampling for today is definitely delicious and is an outstanding product that can satisfy any hunger urge for the need for delicious meat snack; convenient for all portable applications if you are planning a trip away from home, family interaction time where food is needed or just plain snack food during that movie, sports game or favorite show!!!! Northern Meats is the place for all your delicious meat entrees and snacks!!!!

Episode 6 – Pepperoni and Snack Sticks Audio

Northern Meats Smokehouse Glenn
Venison Snack Hot Stick
Northern Meats Marquette Michigan SMokehouse GLenn
Northern Meats Pepperoni
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Smoked Baby Back Ribs Have Big Flavor

Marquette09/14/2011- Today in the radio station, Smokehouse Glenn gave me a lesson on ribs, using his Smoked Baby Back Ribs as the hands-on material for this abbreviated class. This particular cuts are pork ribs which come from a variation of three rib cuts; spare ribs, St. Louie-cut and Baby Back. Working from the back bone, Baby Back ribs originated when butchers wanted to market the ribs that were previously being removed and discarded from the pork loin during processing. When you consider that pork chops are actually cross-cut sections of the loin with what is a smaller portion of the Baby Back bone included, you can now see what Glenn is working with.

Smokehouse Glenn Northern Meats Featured Item
Smoked Baby Back Ribs

These particular ribs are treated with Glenn’s “secret” in-house rub then smoked for 3 hours, so his final product is ready to eat when purchased. In fact, Glenn was relaying a recent story that a friend of his stopped by the store for a package of these ribs with the intention of providing them for a picnic. Unfortunately, his stomach started to talk to him, he opened up the package and that was all it took for those ribs to NOT make it to the picnic as planned.
I really liked the smoked hickory flavor that blended well with Glenn’s rub. So our discussion turned to reheating these tasty delights if desired. Since the smoking process drys the rib meat slightly, the grilling process for re-heating needs to be watched closely so the meat doesn’t get excessively dry out. We agreed that either the microwave or a low broiler setting with the ribs covered in a dish to retain remaining moisture would work the best.
Finally, we talked about using B-B-Q sauce on these ribs somewhere in the re-heating process. I have developed the reflex habit of automatically adding, sometimes drowning, my meat in steak or B-B-Q sauce, which can mask and overrun the flavors developed in the cooking process. Something that we agreed that would be worth trying would be to add a small amount of water drizzled on the rub before reheating in an effort to generate some type of sauce, if you will. Of course, if plunging these ribs into a dipping dish of your favorite variety of Sweet Baby Ray, well, dive right in!!!
Thanks for the rib lesson, Glenn – it was quite tasty as always!!!!!

Episode 5 – Smoked Baby Back Ribs Audio

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In-House Deli Meats Have A Bold Taste

Marquette09/07/2011 Smokehouse Glenn presented several in-house deli meat creations for tasting today. Glenn brought with him today three deli meats of his own creation from Northern Meats that were out of this world.  Smoked Turkey, Roast Beef and Beef Pastrami…Mmmmm! As soon as my eyes say the pastrami, I was hooked for landing a sample.

Northern Meats Shopping Show
Deli Pastrami

Glenn explained that his beef pastrami was made out of beef round cuts instead of a brisket cut, which can will be used by other butchers but there is a draw back from this choice.  Briskets are more fatty and are cut from two different muscle groups. When you cut brisket, there is the tendency to cut one portion with the grain and the other against the grain, which results in tearing the beef when slicing against the grain.

When you see these slices, there are thin grains of marbling fat with the beef. Combined with the cured flavoring and the outside surface rub that enhances the beef’s flavoring, this pastrami is first rate. I would match this up with my home-made deli rye bread, Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard, Baby Swiss Cheese making for an exquisite sandwich.

Another of my favorite uses for these delicious deli-cacy would be rolling any of these sliced meats around a sliced portion of cream cheese and a green onion. When these “meat roll-ups” are at a party, I usually forget about everything else and concentrate on these tasty finger food morsels. I can see it now, one for you, one TRAY for me!!!!

Well done, Glenn; this pastrami has a great spice combination of coriander and “other spices”!! We don’t divulge Smokehouse trade here but that not as important as you stopping in to Northern Meats and trying these meats for yourself – SOON!!!

Episode 4 – Smoked Lunch Meats Audio

Northern Meats Shopping Show
Deli Smoked Turkey
Northern Meats Shopping Show
Deli Roast Beef
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Savory Smoked Polish Sausage Hit The Mark

Marquette08/31/2011– Smokehouse Glenn made his weekly Wednesday appearance at the radio station today for the Shopping Shop and dazzled my taste buds with the latest sampling of his Smoked Polish Sausage. I remember as a kid, my Mom would make Polish sausage and sauerkraut for dinner but this sausage was not in my childhood memories.

Smokehouse Glenn Smoked Polish Sausage
Smoked Polish Sausage

There was an inviting aroma sneaking out of Glenn’s sample tray that was the first stage of this week’s sampling experience. I couldn’t actually place a particular spice aroma emminating from the sausage and I looked at the package labeling to gain a clue to his seasoning secret. I see Glenn has “spices” listed on the label, will he share his secret? Polish sausage is seasoned very simply, Glenn says, this one has garlic powder, brown sugar, salt and marjoram. Simple enough, but in the correct proportions to consist of a light and delightful flavoring. Upon biting into my sample portion, my immediate attention was on the casing; not too thick and chewy, like some varieties. Pork is moist and again seasoned just right!! Now this Polish sausage would gain a spot on my Mom’s selective standards for her Polish dishes –  – Oh, Mom, it’s really good!!!! You need to try this!!!

Episode 3 – Smoked Polish Sausage Audio

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Chairman’s Reserve Ribeye Taste Experience

Marquette – 08/24/2011 – Smokehouse Glenn brought in two Chairman’s Reserve ribeye steaks today. This particular grade of beef is exclusively available only from Northern Meats, which Glenn has carried for the past 1 1/2 years. Only 25% of choice cattle make the grade labeled Chairmen’ Reserve and Glenn hasn’t seen a bad cut at all.

 Chairman's Reserve Ribeye Smokehouse Glenn
Chairman's Reserve Ribeye Steaks

Glenn prepared two identical cuts to these shown that were cooked on his grill this morning over indirect flame to a medium well preparation. I personally sampled a taste of the finished product and have never tasted beef like this before. This bite was overly juicy, extremely tender, and flavorful!! Most of the time, I would want to eat beef with some type of steak sauce but in this case, sauce would have masked the natural flavor permeating in this bite!!! Truly a taste bud, heavenly experience!!!!! I told Glenn that after tasting that wonderful bite, I almost experienced the levitating, euphoric sensation that cartoon character, Precious Pup went through when he was given his favorite treat; being lifted off the ground  several feet then slowly settle back to the ground like a floating feather…..Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! This truly is a grade of beef like none other – tasting is believing!!!!!

Episode 2 – Chairman’s Reserve Ribeye Audio



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Bratwurst – A New Favorite From Smoke House Glenn

Marquette – August 2011 –  The  reason Glenn Andrews has earned the distinction of  Smoke House Glenn comes from the very moist, extremely tasty meats he creates in Marquette Michigan.

Delicious Breatwurst for you party does it again with delicious Bratwurst for your family!

Glenn’s 30 years of carefully preparing and smoking meats pays off with  moist,  juicy, and flavorful smoked pork, chicken, and turkey.  Glenn ships to customers around America.  Glenn offer some 80 meat items including  delicious bacon, sausage, steaks, and smoked jerky.

Every Wednesday when Smoke House Glenn comes in to our weekly Radio Shopping Show streamed on,  Glenn attracts the entire staff to see what new items he’s brought  our way.  The delightful smell instantly gets our attention.  Yumm is all we can say.

Today we feature Bratwurst. You will want to get some for your family.

Click below to hear Glenn reflect on Bratwurst.

Episode 1 – Bratwurst Audio