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Delicious and Easy Chuck Roast!

Published by Rilee Waller on October 15th, 2014

Our busy lifestyles can direct us into a mundane, meal menu that can eventually become boring. Smokehouse Glenn has premium beef, pork, chicken and seafood AND he enjoys coming up with simple but flavorful seasoning to make mealtime delicious!

Glenn's delicious chuck roast

Glenn’s delicious chuck roast

Today, Glenn brought in a chuck roast that he marinaded in one of several marinades available in his store. Excalibur Seasonings and Marinades out of Pekin, Ill. The marinade Glenn selected today was the Black Forest Prime Rib sauce. Rich soy sauce flavor based sauce with savory notes of garlic, onion and herbs. This sauce is delicious and its real easy to prepare this roast. Apply an ample amount of sauce over the roast, let it stand for about an hour then place it in your slow cooker. Voila! You could add potatoes, carrots and onions to complete your meal. Simple, easy and flavorful.

Excaliber Prime Rib

Any of the Excalibur sauces can be used for chicken or pork entrees to enhance your meal’s flavor. Stop in and see Smokehouse Glenn for a wide selection of meat entrees AND just the right Excalibur sauce to make it oh, so tasty!

Smokehouse Glenn is located in the Country Village, Ishpeming; across from Ace Hardware. 1040 Country Lane is the place for delicious beef, chicken, seafood and pork! Store hours are M – Sat. 10 to 6; Sundays 10 – 4. Call 485-4220!

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Marinaded Chicken Loaded With Robust Flavor

Published by Rilee Waller on October 1st, 2014

Smokehouse Glenn supplies a premium selection of beef, pork, seafood and chicken. Today Glenn brought in grilled chicken breasts marinaded in two of his choice marinades – Mesquite & Sun-dried Tomato Basil flavors.

Tomato Basil Flavored

Tomato Basil Flavored

Mesquite Flavored

Mesquite Flavored

Glenn uses a dry ingredient marinade, placed the chicken and the seasoning in his vacuum tumbler let’s them rest then they are ready for cooking. This chicken added to a pasta or potato dish and vegetable would be primo!!! Other flavors offered at Smokehouse Glenn’s – Butter Garlic, Barbeque, Habanero Lime and Italian.

Tailgating is still a GO so get your brats, sausages home made wieners, brat patties, cudigi patties are ready for you at Smokehouse Glenn.

Visit Smokehouse Glenn at the Country Village, Ishpeming;1040 Country Lane right across from Ace Hardware. Smokehouse Glenn is opened M – Sat. 10 to 6; Sundays 10 – 4. Call 485-4220!

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