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Venison Snack Sticks & Summer Sausage

Venison!!! The regional meat of choice in the U.P. especially with hunters, made an appearance for the Shopping Show today with Smokehouse Glenn!!! Glenn has made two different varieties of snack meats out of some local venison that was brought into the store by a friend who gave the meat to Glenn for recipe testing.

Glenn brought in both mild venison snack sticks and a venison summer sausage with jalapeno cheddar cheese. I would call Glenn’s snack sticks, “pocket food”, simply because you could carry a bag of these goodies with you in your pocket and as you are walking, biking, camping, hiking or even hunting; these tasty little morsels can accompany you and satisfy an appetite craving quite nicely. Their mild seasoning flavor is pleasing to the taste buds and would satisfy a general taste appeal for all eaters.

Smokehouse Glenn's recipe with local venison

Delicious Goodness from Northern Meats










The summer sausage with jalapeno cheddar cheese is out of this world!!! Glenn’s overall seasoning recipe for the sausage possess a general mildness in it’s spicing combination…then add the extra ingredient of this spicy cheese and you’re talking a whole different taste experience! Very much along the same reference as what Chef Emeril Lagasse would refer to as “kicking it up another notch!!! This sausage sliced and served on your favorite cracker would be an enjoyable snack anytime one’s hunger needs satisfying.

Smokehouse Glenn's Tasty Goodness!! So Much Goodness in One Sausage!!












Northern Meats offers venison processing and a variety of recipe processing to choose from if one cares to transform their captured game from the raw to the deliciously refined!!!


Remember that Northern Meats is the home of the “custom cut butcher” himself, Smokehouse Glenn, who offers a wide variety of premium beef, pork and chicken – if it’s not in the showcase, he can get it for you. Glenn’s 30 years in the meat processing business with Dearborn Sausage Company has the resources to fill any order. Glenn’s business seasoning partner, Spicy Jo’s has an extensive selections of spices, sauces and marinades, seasoned olive oils and so much more!


Located in the Country Village in Ishpeming, stop in and visit Northern Meats – you never know what delicious “test kitchen recipe” you might end up sampling!!!

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