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Beef Jerky From Either End of the Taste Spectrum!!!

It’s beef jerky day today with Northern Meats and today Smokehouse Glenn brought in two different taste flavorings from opposite ends of the flavor spectrum. Hot Cowboy Jerky and Honey Pecan Jerky appear from opposite ends of the flavor scale today, each with their distinct flavorings.

Thin Sliced Jerky at its BEST

Glenn’s jerkys brought in today are thin sliced beef jerky Similar to what Glenn brought in several weeks ago with his Jalapeno Beef and Kippered Beef Jerky. Starting off with thinly sliced beef and adding his combination of chili flavoring spices to coat the beef. Glenn’s labeling says chili powder but I could tell that there was more to the jerky spicing than just chili powder; of course, Glenn’s not one to just give up the test kitchen combination, he just smiles and says there are a few other things thrown in there. This Cowboy Jerky didn’t turn my mouth into a flame thrower but there was definitely heat to this jerky, the kind that kick in those heat endorphins that generate that taste drive to eat more!


At the lighter side of the taste spectrum, Glenn brought in a Honey Pecan Jerky; thinly sliced beef with a mixture of honey and a pecan powder with coated the beef generously before beginning its drying process. Sweet tasting flavor with that chewy jerky texture, Glenn once again has a delicious treat that taste outstanding. It a amazing what the custom cut butcher can do to transform beef with the extensive varieties of spices he has and the various flavor combinations he can come up with.

Visit Glen at his meat market, Northern Meats, located in the Country Village in Ishpeming, Michigan. He has an extensive variety of beef pork and poultry items on hand; if he doesn’t carry it, he knows where to get it and is always accommodating to his customers. Stop in and see Smokehouse Glenn!!!

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