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Northern Meats Home Made Salami

Glenn possesses 30 plus years experience in the meat processing business gained through his employment with Dearborn Sausage, so needless to say, when it comes to recognizing a good tasting product, he doesn’t have to re-invent ring bologna!!! Glenn has been making salami for many years and discovered some one who has worked up his own combination of outstanding spices that works well with flavoring any meat recipe.

Glenn discovered and now carries Aldo’s Wild Game Salami Spice Mix from Champion, Michigan which he used in his home made recipe for the salami he brought in today. This recipe was developed by Aldo for use when he himself makes his own salamis from a mixture of venison and pork. Glenn’s personal preference is to make his traditional style of salami from a mixture of beef and pork.

Smokehouse Glenn's Northern Meats recipeAldo’s Wild Game Salami Spice Mix Seasoning










This particular blend of spices contains a good proportion of pepper corn and salt necessary to flavor any so-called “gamey taste” possibly derived from a venison meat mixture that is used in salami making. Glenn’s choice of using his summer sausage casing for his recipe gently holds this mixture together and is not noticed at all when it all come to enjoying this particular recipe.

Glenn’s style of salami is so tender, flavorful and possesses a delectable texture that immediately I thought of a recipe this meat would taste great in. The Muffaletta, an Italian inspired sandwich down in New Orleans consists of a good Italian bread, a combination of salami, ham and mortadella. Then you need Swiss cheese and provolone and finally the Italian olive salad spread!!! Mmmmmm!

As the Christmas holiday season approaches, Glenn is providing, once again, his select cut of prime rib; either boneless or bone in. Glenn also his a proven special seasoning he adds to each order that his customers’ love! Spiral cut hams are also available from Northern Meats for your holiday dining, just contact Glenn at Northern Meats, 485-4220!

When it comes to hams, Glenn only deals with the BEST!!! Dearborn Sausage provides Glenn with all his hams that are sold from Northern Meats and NONE of these hams have water added to them! If you want a lesson on determining the differences between a water added ham and a GREAT HAM, read our post on the Skinny on the Big Taste of Spiral Cut Ham!!!

Glenn is truly a “custom cut butcher” in that not only does he sell a premium grade of beef, pork and poultry but he also offers his customers cooking advice to properly prepare every selection from his store so that your taste buds experience the most wonderful main entree delight your money is buying!!! Stop in and see how Smokehouse Glenn can your next dinner menu.

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