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Seafood For the New Year!!

Who would ever think that a custom cut butcher would have a bonified connection for the BEST FRESH Seafood you would ever sink your teeth into! Leave it to Smokehouse Glenn to find the BEST connection for fresh seafood all the way up here to the Great Lakes. He has done it again.Jumbo scallops

Glenn brought in a fresh catch of the biggest scallops I have ever seen in my life!!! To go along with this fine catch, he brought in a catch of jumbo shrimp that is also the best I have seen in a long time. I worked in several classy restaurants that served quality seafood and had the opportunity to taste several dishes in my life. Learning from the best chefs, the count measure for seafood of this kind is that the average number of individual pieces will make up a net weight per pound for the particular size you are dealing with. These jumbo scallops Glenn brought in are a 15 and up count meaning that there will be 15 scallops or less that will weigh a pound in measure. So, the less pieces that make up a weighed pound, the bigger the piece size in this particular count.

The same goes for shrimp measure. So with these jumbo shrimp, the smaller the number of shrimp to measure a pound, the larger the size shrimp. Oh, baby – these samples are making my mouth water!! Glenn, you have certainly out done yourself this time as a butcher. You have captured the freshest and best seafood we Great Lake people could have ever come across.Northern Meats

Take a look at the enclosed prices offered on the other varieties of seafood that Glenn’s connection can ship up to him at his business in Ishpeming. I’ve got my eyes on some mussels and clams I am just dying to cook in a recipe from the Food Network!!! Stay tuned for future photos on the completed dish!!!

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Seafood for the New Year