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Mettwurst – A Differant Twist of Ring Bologna

Today’s featured item from Northern Meats that Smokehouse Glenn brought in for sampling is a Mettwurst sausage. Glenn’s definition of Mettwurst would be a courser ground, smoked ring bologna. When I first looked at it, this sausage reminded me of a type of kielbasa, however ring bologna fits also.

Smokehouse Glenn Ishpeming Country Village

This sausage is a beef and pork blend containing whole mustard seeds as part of the seasoning blend. I have seen ring bologna in the stare but never tried it myself. This Mettwurst is very tasty; very juicy which you can see when you slice the ring into bite-sized portions.

Smokehouse Glenn's Test Kitchen Item

Mettwurst is now a new meat item added to the vast variety of meat possibilities you can purchase at Northern Meats. Glenn also has his Tailgate Brats which contain sauerkraut and Pepper Jack Cheese – very delicious brat with both these extra ingredients added surprisingly delicious flavor to a basic brat meat mixture. Also, Glenn has an extensive variety of jerky and snack sticks in a wide assortment of flavors.


Smokehouse Glenn collaborates with Spicy Jo’s to offer a wide variety of seasoning combinations for either beef, pork, chicken or fish. Whatever your meal planning ideas may be, Northern Meats and Spicy Jo’s can combine to make your meal taste fabulous!!!

Mettwurst Sausage