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Hot Hungarian Kielbasa – Oh, Baby, the Flavor’s Here!

Hot Hungarian is a product from Dearborn Sausage which is a hot version of the usual or regular taste and flavoring from a polish kielbasa. Polish kielbasa seasoning is a salt, pepper, garlic and marjoram spicing combination. Hungarians like more spices, paprika, cayenne, a hot paprika to add some heat to their flavoring – not excessive, mind you. The Hungarians are not trying start a 3 Alarm Fire in your mouth, but this kielbasa has just the right spicing combination to activate your taste buds.

Smokehouse Glenn Country Village Ishpeming

I brought in some Guiden’s spicy brown mustard for dipping with whatever Glenn might bring in today. This kielbasa didn’t need anything extra; the meat retained its juices along with its unique flavor, it should be accompanied with a heaping pile of sauerkraut and a tall pint of beer!

Stop in and try this tasty product!

Of course, Smokehouse Glenn is “the custom cut butcher” out in the Country Village in Ishpeming. He is there at his Northern Meat’s butcher shop to sell you whatever type of beef, pork or chicken selection you want – however you want it cut!!! Stop in and sample this Hot Hungarian kielbasa or any number of selections available from Northern Meats.

Remember – if Glenn doesn’t have it, he has 30 plus years of experience in the meat business and he knows where to get what you’re looking for to complete your meal’s preparation list!


Hot Hungarian Kielbasa

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