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Northern Meats Provides the Very BEST!

I am a big corned beef lover – from deli sandwiches to traditional St. Paddy’s Day dinner – I Love it!!! Last Wednesday, talking with Smokehouse Glenn, he gave me the scoop on the BEST corned beef you can buy – Grobbel’s from downstate in Michigan!! Northern Meats carries Grobbel’s and I had my wife, Debbie stop in and get one for the weekend.

Saturday morning arrived and I couldn’t look at that brisket in the frig any longer – I retrieved the Lodge Cast iron pot and started in on 2 1/2 hour cooking process. By 2 p.m., I was setting up my platter to dive into a delicious dinner. It was extremely difficult NOT to snatch any slices off the platter before this photo was taken.

Smokehouse Glenn carries the BEST product!
Grobbel’s corned beef is the BEST!

This picture will hopefully win me an IPad from Grobbel’s, St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Photo Contest!!! Thanks Grobbel’s AND Smokehouse Glenn!