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Smoked Polish Sausage – Traditional Taste Sensation!

One of the first items that Smokehouse Glenn brought to the office for us to sample was his Polish Sausage. We revisited this delicious item today and it tastes outstanding as it did previously. Polish sausage was a part of our dinner rotation growing up because of my Mom’s polish background. Boy, does this bring back childhood memories – delicious dinners made by Mom with delicious Polish sausage, Mmmmm!

Smokehouse Glenn's personal sausage recipe taste great!
Smokehouse Glenn’s personal sausage recipe taste great!


Smokehouse Glenn's fabulous tasting Sausage
Smokehouse Glenn’s fabulous tasting Sausage

As Glenn explained to me, the recipe for Polish sausage is one of the simplest for seasoning – salt, pepper, garlic & Marjoram; the Polish keep the flavoring simple and oh, so good tasting! To personalize his particular recipe, Glenn sprinkles a very small pinch of chili pepper flakes for an occasional spark of heat to tease the taste buds! If you have never tasted Polish sausage, you owe yourself a favor to get some of this smoked savory goodness from Northern Meats!


Saturday, the 23rd, Northern Meats will be featuring their 3rd Sample Saturday – Hamming it up with Dearborn Hams! Stop in and see Glenn spiral slice and glaze these delicious Dearborn hams. I’m stopping in because I want to see the glazing process. Don’t forget, Smokehouse Glenn will be offering samples and taking orders for Easter hams!!

Smoked Polish Sausage