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Pork Loin Like I’ve Never Seen – or Tasted!

Today, I saw something I’ve never laid eyes on before – the biggest pork loin I’ve ever seen! The thickest end had to be bigger in girth than a baseball bat! I would guess the weight had to be between 2 to 3 pounds. Size is one thing – taste  is a whole different matter and Glenn came through again. He found a pork loin from a meat packing company out of Chicago that delivers the goods on a tender cut that was delicious.

pork loin from Northern Meats
pork loin from Northern Meats

Collaborating with his flavor partner, Spicy Jo, Glenn seasoned sliced cutlet pieces of this loin with “Sweet & Sassy Garlic Spice” then sauteed them in a fry pan…Mmmmm, were these tasty! I say “were” because they are all gone!! Nestled on a bed of rice pilaf, this pork tasted great. Of course, this pork would also taste great on the grill coated in BBQ sauce, slow cooking or let it marinade in a favorite flavor of your choice and when the cooking’s done, you are in for a fantastic meal!

Northern Meats Smokehouse Glenn
Delicious pork loin cutlets

Northern Meats carries not only pork cuts but also beef, chicken AND seafood! Last Sunday, I stopped in and purchased a pound of #18 count shrimp and hickory smoked bacon for making Fried Rice!!! My dinner was delicious!!

Northern Meats is located in the Country Village in Ishpeming; hours M-F, 10 to 6; Sundays 10 to 4. Stop in and see Smokehouse Glenn; the “custom cut butcher” will take real good care of you!!!


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