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Beef Bacon New Test Kitchen Item at Northern Meats!

 BACON! What would man do without it! Everything goes better with bacon. But…can you make bacon from something other than pork? That is a test kitchen challenge that Smokehouse Glenn tackled this week.

A new form of bacon!
Beef bacon packaged

What if one needed bacon but didn’t have any pork to smoke it from? Glenn decided to look into the prospect of using a cut of beef from the area of the steer known as the plate to possibly generate some bacon from it. Glenn told me that the plate section is used in the making of pastrami; one of my favorite deli meats. Glenn used his exact same process to make bacon but substituted a sliced plate portion of steak for his kitchen experiment. Was he successful? You bet – just look as this photo! Great smoky flavor, fried up well in his skillet; maybe not as crispy as bacon but delicious and very bacon-like! Glenn, you are amazing!

Custom cut butcher, test kitchen item
Sliced beef bacon – test kitchen item!

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