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Savory Smoked Polish Sausage Hit The Mark

Marquette08/31/2011– Smokehouse Glenn made his weekly Wednesday appearance at the radio station today for the Shopping Shop and dazzled my taste buds with the latest sampling of his Smoked Polish Sausage. I remember as a kid, my Mom would make Polish sausage and sauerkraut for dinner but this sausage was not in my childhood memories.

Smokehouse Glenn Smoked Polish Sausage
Smoked Polish Sausage

There was an inviting aroma sneaking out of Glenn’s sample tray that was the first stage of this week’s sampling experience. I couldn’t actually place a particular spice aroma emminating from the sausage and I looked at the package labeling to gain a clue to his seasoning secret. I see Glenn has “spices” listed on the label, will he share his secret? Polish sausage is seasoned very simply, Glenn says, this one has garlic powder, brown sugar, salt and marjoram. Simple enough, but in the correct proportions to consist of a light and delightful flavoring. Upon biting into my sample portion, my immediate attention was on the casing; not too thick and chewy, like some varieties. Pork is moist and again seasoned just right!! Now this Polish sausage would gain a spot on my Mom’s selective standards for her Polish dishes –  – Oh, Mom, it’s really good!!!! You need to try this!!!

Episode 3 – Smoked Polish Sausage Audio

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