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Christmas Gift Boxes From Northern Meats

Christmas is on the way with shoppers racking their brain deciding what to buy for persons on their shopping list. WELL, everyone loves great tasting food and those hard to shop for individuals will love a gift basket loaded with spices and rubs from Northern Meats!

Smokehouse Glenn has a variety of seasonings and rubs for beef, pork chicken and fish that will place a smile on the face of those on your list followed a big Mmmm Good! Glenn has several of these seasonings open so I sample tasted them to get an idea of what the combinations tasted like.

New Seasoning Rubs at Northern Meats
New Seasoning Rubs at Northern Meats

The Cedarwood Chipotle Rub has a smoky taste to it with the heat of chipotle peppers mixed in along with a great blend of salts included. Applewood Rub had a sweet tasting flavoring from the dehydrated apple pieces and juice along with the savory salt mixture. Here is a picture of a rib eye steak bought from Northern Meats and rubbed with the Cedarwood Chipotle Rub! Every bite was outrageously good!

My tasty rib eye with rub - Mmmm!
My tasty rib eye with rub – Mmmm!



Remember that Northern Meats has stocked a variety of gift basket sizes for the holiday. Stop in and pick out a basket, browse the store, fill it up with items you would like to shop to someone then give it to Glenn. He will gift wrap it and ship it out for Christmas!

Northern Meats will be opened regular hours Christmas Eve for your shopping needs. Northern Meats is located in the Country Village in Ishpeming – Merry Christmas from Smokehouse Glenn and Northern Meats!

12-18-13 Christmas Gift Baskets