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Balsamic Vinegar Gets Drizzled on…Ice Cream!

The inventory of premium items continue to grow at Smokehouse Glenn’s and today we sampled something altogether different…and the die-hard meat whiners even tried today’s treat.

You will definitely find exquisitely home-made ice cream toppings on the Food Network but if you want unusual and expensive-tasting flavor toppings for ice cream, Smokehouse Glenn brought in something for us taste-balsamic vinegar on ice cream but not just any vinegar.

Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar & Ice Cream
Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar & Ice Cream


Several of Glenn’s lady customers suggested that he try a Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar on top of ice cream. What – vinegar on ice cream! Come on, most of us are Hershey’s Chocolate lovers; don’t ruin my dish of smooth, creamy goodness! Ah, but wait…sometimes you have to step outside the box and let your taste buds explore a little! OK, so Glenn topped french vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of his Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar. I dipped my spoon into my cup, little taste, another little taste, another taste – hey, these flavors taste good together! Sweet ice cream meets tangy balsamic vinegar with a hint of chocolate flavor in a delicious way!

WOW, what other flavors would work well on ice cream? Well, Glenn also has Strawberry flavored, Raspberry flavored balsamic vinegar AND Carra-Carra Orange Vanilla balsamic vinegar. There is nothing plain with balsamic vinegar anymore now that they are being infused with a wide range of flavors! Tonight, your recipe flavoring can expand to the nth degree with Glenn’s expanding inventory of balsamic vinegars!

Try it - you'll like it!
Try it – you’ll like it!



Glenn’s new “Test Kitchen” is in the finishing stages of completion. Soon he and guest chefs will be cooking dishes for sampling right in the store so customers can taste what flavoring sensations can be purchased and enjoyed.



Stop in and visit the expanding layout at Smokehouse Glenn located in the Country Village, Ishpeming. across from Cinema V Theaters and Ace Hardware. Store hours are M – Sat 10 to 6; Sundays 10 to 4 or call your “custom cut butcher” at 485-4220!