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Smokehouse Glenn’s Pork Sausage Is First Rate In Taste

Marquette10/12/2011– Smokehouse Glenn astounded me with his great tasting pork sausage! Not all pork sausage is processed or flavored the same and today was a tasting experience that rates on the winning end of  a “10”  in texture, taste and leanness of grade.

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Glenn’s pork sausage is available in either bulk quantity that will add a tremendous taste addition  to a breakfast omelet or my yet to become famous pizza.  This sausage is also available in natural link casing that would accompany any stack of pancakes or variety of prepared style of eggs.

Glenn’s own variety of  sausage is processed from lean cuts of shoulder pork, a good 80% leanness which is evident by the very small amount of shrinkage and small amount of pan drippings that does not accumulate during the cooking process.  Most commercial sausages can vary from a 50/50 blend of meat to fat and range upward to 60/40 or sometimes 70/30. There is minimal  shrinkage visible from Glenn’s product which, again enhances the sausage taste.



Smokehouse Glenn's Bulk Sausage
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Glenn has developed his own seasoning proportions in this variety of sausage that has just a slight amount of spicy “zing” to it that would rate JUST slightly above mild yet not chase away customers who would stay clear from sausage labeled HOT!

One cooking application Glenn shared during our discussion was his use of this sausage in bulk form, cooked and crumbled into a cheesy, white sauce that is served over Penne pasta…Oooo, that has my vote in my collection of pasta recipes. Being someone who loves to make his own pizza at home, today, I have tasted a sausage that contains the right amount of zing in spicing combination that I would put on my pizza every time I bake one!!!




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