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Porketta Roast is Ohhhhh, So Tender and Flavorful

Marquette11/30/2011 – Smokehouse Glenn is tagged as our area  “Custom – Cut Butcher” in Marquette but he is definitely your  “Go-To” guy for an extensive assortment of choice, tasty varieties of meat.

Today’s featured product is the Porketta roast, a tasty main entree that draws a portion of it’s distinctiveness from  a woman in Amasa…but more on that later.

Chairman's Reserve choice meats
Porkette Roast

Smokehouse Glenn, as his experience and reputation displays, begins with the utmost of quality product. Glenn starts with Dearborn Meats’ own Chairman’s Reserve selection of pork shoulder; boned and trimmed. These roasts can end up weighing approximately 8 to 9 pounds after processing but Glenn is accommodating to custom cut any roasts to smaller 2 to 3 pounders if desired.  Each roast is given the butcher’s special treatment, being  tied up nicely with butcher string to make the roasts easier to handle when cooking and serving.

Next comes Glenn’s special seasoning and he’s the first to admit that the uniqueness of his porketta roast’s flavor did not come from his own kitchen. Glenn’s business side-kick, Butcher Bob, owns property in  southwestern area of Marquette County, just outside of Crystal Falls. While in the area, Butcher Bob stopped into a small general store located in Amasa, where he discovered the store owner was selling her own local favorite blend of porketta roast spices. Bob decided to make a purchase and bring it back to the shop to try on Glenn’s roasts. WOW!!! Glenn and Bob both agreed that this blend was outstanding!! A smart businesman that he is, Glenn decided that his roasts with this newly discovered spice blend would be an outstanding taste combination. A kitchen-tested blend of black pepper, salt, garlic, dill weed, rosemary and crushed red pepper, make this porketta’s flavor one of a kind in this area.

Smokehouse Glenn
Amasa's Porkette Spice

Finally, the most important point to remember is to cook this roast SLOW!!!! The most important cooking tip to remember for the kitchen is to not get in a hurry and don’t have your cooking temperature too high.  Keep this in mind and you will experience a taste sensation like you would never believe!!!!



Episode 16 – Porketta Roast Audio




Porkette Roast
The Final Product

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