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Big Juicy Taste is “Prime” with Glenn’s Prime Rib

Marquette12/28/11 – This exquisite cut of beef that Smokehouse Glenn brought into the studio today brought me back to the days I worked at a steak restaurant back house and I tasted my first cut of prime rib.  Our chef, Pat Badalamete alias Ragu, used to cook entire loins of prime rib each afternoon as one of the featured items on our menu. Working at a steak restaurant DOES have its advantages and that’s were I sampled my first portion of what is known as prime rib.

I learn something new every week talking with Glenn about his products. For the longest time, I was under the impression that prime rib is the cut of beef from the rib area which when first removed, contains the meat on the rib bones as an entire cut. As is, this cut actually is called a stand rib roast. After this entire cut of beef is prepared, each individual cut of beef is sliced, being removed from the rib bones and is referred to as prime rib. Mmmmm! Take a look at that section of beef, sorry about the reflection off the clear wrap. I told Glenn I needed to remove it to get a better picture but he didn’t go for it.

Northern Meats Chairman's Reserve
Chairman's Reserve Prime Rib

That’s only about 4 pounds of beef pictured there, can you imagine four time that amount of beef in one entire cut…that’s need one big roaster pan for the oven! That’s what Pat would prepare at the restaurant.

Glenn finalizes each prepared section of cut beef with his own special blend of steak seasoning and beef  rub for seasoning; no chance on getting the recipe, it’s a guarded secret from years in the butchering industry. Chairman’s Reserve lives up to it’s reputation of being the Top 25% Grade of Beef in the country; you can definitely  taste the quality in every bite!

Another feature of Glenn’s business as your “custom cut butcher” is that he will make sure you understand the cooking essentials required for each cut of beef sold in his store. He will provide you with cooking temperature instructions so that you will prepare your purchase with the utmost precision.

You are missing out if you don’t treat yourself next time you are looking for something to stop in and let Smokehouse Glenn select something PRIME for you in the way of prime rib.  You will definitely enjoy every morsel.


Episode 19 – Prime Rib Audio