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The 1 – 2 Taste Punch of Turkey Brats From Smokehouse Glenn!!!

Ishpeming04/04/12 – Smokehouse Glenn brought in his own home-made brats this morning that filled the office with the office with wonderful aroma and give my taste buds a robust flavor experience.

Glenn brought in two type of his turkey brats – turkey brats and turkey brats with cheese. These brats start out from using bone-less dark meat turkey thighs; possessing a 90 – 95% leanness factor and containing the needed moisture content for delicious texture while enhancing the seasoning throughout the product.

Staying true to a already proven recipe, Glenn flavors his turkey brats with his same spice mixture recipe which he incorporates when making his beef brats. His in-house “secret recipe” has been developed by Glenn himself through many attempts to achieve just the right balance of spice flavors that please your taste buds!

Glenn’s brats with cheese use a high temperature commercial grade cheddar cheese which aids in better handling during processing. Normal cheese would break down as it reaches room temperatures, resulting in a softer texture. Consequently, using a normal grade of chedder will further lose its consistency and melt into a sauce-type fluidity within the casing; blending it into the meat mixture; losing the intended “bits” of cheese that you receive in every slice of brat!

Take a G-O-O-O-O-D look at those brats with cheese; will ya look at the size of those brats!!! Smokehouse Glenn uses only natural casings when stuffing his brats, resulting in the “plumper than normal sized” brats compared to other brats manufactured by commercial companies. Those other companies use synthetic/collagen-based casings in their goal to produce uniform, consistent packaging appearance. Ishpeming’s “custom-cut butcher” all about the natural, down-home flavor in his home made recipes that satisfy his customers!!

Cooking time is a snap in the pan or on the grill with these brats which would go great with home-made french fries and cole slaw!!

Stop in and visit Glenn at his new location in the Country Village Plaza across from Country Cinema V but remember…your “custom-cut butcher” experience will progress from seeing the product, buying what looks appetizing and finally TASTING what you just brought home!! Don’t be surprised when you find yourself repeating this sequence of steps on a regular basis! Mmmmm, look out, taste buds!!!!

Episode 21 – Turkey Brats Audio